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  1. M

    Help reading logs understand what's happening.

    Newbie here. Problem? was learning how to use the Smart Gestures. Drone was following as intended and then suddenly landing. The propellers kept spinning fast. I ran over and grabbed my phone to control drone with phone. Later, in a different "session"/launch, it took off almost out of...
  2. D

    RTH always about 3 metres from take off point

    Hello. Whenever I hit the RTH button (or the RTH screen icon) my Mavic 2 Pro will return but is always about 3 metres away from the take-off spot; I use a foldable heli-pad. I always cancel and then land manually. Is anyone else having this problem? I saw a video and the guy was describing the...
  3. I

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sensor fault. Drone Lands by its self ...

    Anyone else had this issue with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro? #DJI #Mavic2Pro was going so well ...until today. Now has a #fault with the downward sensor decided to land with 75% battery
  4. DarthSLR

    2018-12-30 Precision Landing

    Went for a hike today and took my M2P with me just in case. The wind was mild, so I flew a few times, ran through 2.5 batteries. My goal was to try a few things (more on that in the future posts), including precision landing, which I was still uncertain about. So I decided to let the SW do its...
  5. C

    Landing Mavic pro on boat netting with propeller guards

    Hi, I am experimenting with Mavic Pro on a boat using a wide-flat netting and having DJI propeller guards fitted to Mavic. The proof of concept was to land and launch the Mavic from the boat netting with the downward sensors switched off. The netting helps to cushion off the roll, heave and...
  6. D

    Mavic Flying Up By Itself

    Hello all, I purchased the mavic from a seller. I got a great deal but I have been having some issues. I am going to stay grounded until I can get some advice. Sometimes the mavic flys perfect but most of the time I am having an issue. When I do a manual take of everything is ok. I get up to...
  7. B

    Mavic Water Landing Gear

    Hello Pilots, We have created a water landing mod for the Mavic / Mavic Plat. If you have some other mods you would be interested that hasn't been done yet or needs to be 3D printed and sent to you hit us up and we can work something out. [This video was shot by Spark and that thing is really...
  8. oldcelt

    How do you fold a landing pad?

    I bought a foldable 80cm heli landing pad which came in a convenient circular carrying bag - great! The only problem is I can't work out how to re-fold it to get it back in the bag . Can anyone help please?
  9. Marco Cantieni

    Landing rubber tip where to get?

    I've lost recently one of the rubber tip sitting on the ground plate of the Mavic. Was not able to find it anywhere to get unless I purchase the whole ground plate or ask my buddy to print me one. Any idea where I can get this?
  10. gadominas

    Most irresponsible drone pilot of 2017!

    Mr. "NS films&editing" flew very close to NFZ airport and basically was touching planes while they’re landing. I hope this guy will be punished somehow and serve as an educational example for others. Here’s an original footage of this incident:
  11. M

    Landing updates the homepoint?

    If I land somewhere and take off again why would I want to make that my new homepoint? Is there a way to turn that off?
  12. G

    Auto tripod mode for landing

    I almost went into the lake yesterday when a slight unexpected gust threw me off target after my drone accepted the landing zone and began descending. My over corrections didn't help any. That being said if maybe I had toned down controls and also the ability to adjust height on my own instead...
  13. S

    DJI Mavic Pro - Limitations and procedures

    Hi. Can anyone assist in telling me the operating limitations (such as crosswind, visibility, precipitation etc), and also, specific procedures (start, take off, in flight, landing and shutdown) of the DJI Mavic Pro? Thanks.
  14. O

    Night flight test - ambient light and vps

    Couple of days ago I did a small test flying over an empty field during the night it was just after 10pm so not completely dark yet, I had my vps ON, landing was rather easy as usual, no surprise at this point but... 9min flight - no wind at all, perfect weather condition, no strong lights...
  15. Drones Ace

    What's your most epic story?

    I remember flying my first drone, a phantom 3. I flew it out to sea and didn't realize that when the battery is low, the phantom will automatically fly back. I took off on a cliff so I started panicking. Worried that the drone will crash or landing in water. Luckily, I stayed 'semi calm' and...
  16. Chrizk0

    RTH/Night Mavic Flying Issue

    I recently bought a mavic and it came out of box with vision system errors, that of wich I fixed with dji assistant. It now works solid well in the day time. At night when I fly I get GPS signal with more or less then 10 satellites so I take off set a RTH point fly up again to make sure it...
  17. S

    Unexpected Crash!

    Hey guys. New to the forum but have found a bunch of useful tips from it. Anyways, had a bit of a crash yesterday. I was just flying basically right about me, and thought it would be cool to take it over top of the house to check the gutters & just look around. Anyways, as I started getting...
  18. V

    New Pilot from Dallas, TX.

    Hi, I am getting mine delivered on Friday. I have to two days to get my - "take-off check list" and "landing check-list". Any resources you would recommend? Thank you,
  19. A

    Mavic goes into Auto-land and CAN'T cancel!!! help

    Was flying about 100 ft up and descending when the mavic went into auto-land. I was used to this happening and I expected to be able to cancel by throttling up. No matter how I throttled up, the mavic wouldn't go up. No matter what I did I couldn't cancel auto land. I tried the pause button...
  20. N

    Skyscraper rooftop takeoff/landing

    I ordered my Mavic (my first DJI drone) a few days ago and was wondering if it was possible or safe to take off from a rooftop about 30 stories up. I live close to the beach and a park, and would fly it over those places, but I find it much more convenient to take an elevator up to the roof...