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DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sensor fault. Drone Lands by its self ...

Try again and this time instead of pointing the sensors at the screen like a "flashlight" as you refer to it. Instead why not hold the Mavic 2 at a constant distance from the screen and move the Mavic 2 and dont tilt it . Instead pretend that you have a sponge in your hand and you are wiping the screen from a set distance. Essentially making a box.
Your screen wasn't perpendicular (looked vertically challenged) to the craft and the blue object needs to be followed as if you have the craft on a dolly truck as you MOVE IT not point at it (and at the given screens angle it's going to be off to start with even before you start.

If you're going to be half***** about it...(get your elbows off the desk man!)

M2P sensor fault?
User error, the digital daemons within have spoken more like.
Any other drones had an issue with Dylan?
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