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  1. Blue Sat Elite

    Air2S Zoom Possibilities, In-depth review

    Hey guys, I made a comparison video of the different Air2S zoom modes. I also added some Artemis Dehalo processed samples of native air2s 4k 2X zoom videos (and also 1080p 2.8X). For me it has been a good solution for getting acceptable 2X Zoom video. Sorry for my poor pronunciation, still...
  2. Z

    Can we convince DJI to enable d-log + zoom at same time?

    I recently did a cinematic video with my air 2s where every clip was shot with about 1.3-1.4x zoom. I really like the field of view and compressed look you can get, similar to m2p hq mode. What I don't like is the normal colour profile xP ... actually, it's not as bad as I thought it would be...
  3. D

    Vision System Status icon and drone speed

    I have an Air 2 and using the DJI Fly app. Since a couple of days I have a down arrow next to the Vision System Status icon in the DJI Fly app. The icon is the one below: I also noted the the drone is flying much slower than before, like if it would be on some 'safe mode'. Can anyone explain...
  4. Bussty

    1" Sensor on the Air 2S not as big as you think but still way bigger than Air 2

    Just checked and 1" isn't real it's actually only 15.86mm in a diagonal compared to the current 8mm of the Air 2 and Mavi Mini and Mini 2 To get to a full inch you get there by using an APS-C Digital Camera with a 26.7mm diagonal measurement. So the sensor on the Air 2S is twice the diagonal...
  5. S

    Mavic Air 2 RPY Gimbal Extraction?

    Hi, I would like to ask if it's possible to get data of RPY corrections of the Gimbal itself for the Air 2? And also is it possible to get the RPY data of the Air 2 from its IMU? I think I saw this feature from the P4 series but I would like to verify if somebody knows how to do this in Air 2...
  6. T

    No Image While Calibrating Downward Vision Sensor

    Hello everyone, First of all, I'm new here, so thank you for having me and please forgive me if I post in the wrong forum. :) Second of all, I just received my brand new Mavic Air 2 yesterday. Needless to say I was very excited. I went through all the firmware updates, compass and IMU...
  7. BrAinZ

    Cleaning the camera lens/sensor on the Mavic Pro

    Hi Guys, I look after my Mavic Pro like a fanatic, always keeping it in a case, keeping it well away from dirt and dust etc. But over the last few months I have noticed that I have spots/marks across my photos and video. This only tends to be be really noticeable when I create HDR photos from...
  8. I

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro Sensor fault. Drone Lands by its self ...

    Anyone else had this issue with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro? #DJI #Mavic2Pro was going so well ...until today. Now has a #fault with the downward sensor decided to land with 75% battery
  9. I

    M2P 1" drama.. or is it? Either way, amazing colours

    So, kept getting links sent through on the line skipping, 1"not being used etc, etc. Here is what I found.. or didn't ..
  10. K

    Ultra sonic sensors do not have same level of volume

    Hey guys, today my father crashed my drone... No major damage, but I think that maybe one of the ultra sonic sensors is broken because I can only hear one of them. When I put a finger on the working one, I cant hear the clicking sound anymore, but when I put a finger on the broken one, I can...
  11. Chirp

    1/2.3" sensor

    Regarding 1/2.3", how do you say it? Is it 'one over two point three inch?' Or 'One half point three'? I know it's the sensor but still confusing. Thank You...
  12. M

    Orange ´flame´ inside my Mavic Pro... Help..

    Hello.. So recently i started up my drone to update it. i started hearing this clicking noise. i then looked inside the drone and saw a orange light. it almost looks like a wire glowing from heat or something? i did some research, and i came to the conclusion that the clicking noise is normal...
  13. A

    Mavic Focusing issues (misalignment)

    Dear all, please take a look at this video I tried everything, IMU recalibration, gimbal reset / recal, firmware refresh etc. The lower right quadrant is OOF if everything else in focus if the lower right in focus then everything else OOF. Contacted DJI for support, waiting for the...
  14. W

    Camera not working with DroneDeploy.

    Here is a strange problem for anyone who might be able to help. I downloaded the DD app. Started the Mavic, started the DJI app, checked for any issues, after no issues I closed the DJI app. Started the DD app and all went well but the Camera box stayed unchecked. Went back to my DJI app and now...
  15. timesnaps

    Newbie Question (Forward Sensor Calibration)

    As the title says, I like to know whats the correct way to calibrate the forward sensors. Just had a successful first flight, but before that I had this warning message. When I tried to calibrate, according to the instructions, didnt work. I tried a few times actually holding the Mavic in...
  16. regandunstan

    5V BEC Installation For Parrot / Micasense Sequoia On DJI Mavic Pro

    Hi all, I plan on installing a 5V BEC inside my Mavic Pro to power a Parrot / Micasense Sequoia sensor. Just like these guys... Has anyone done something similar or have any links at all to how I should go about this? I could possibly cut a motor wire and insert there? Any constructive...
  17. GreatScott

    Mavic approved for Agricultural applications.

    Precision agriculture sensor for the DJI Mavic from Sentera - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  18. B

    DJI Care Refresh Process from Start to Finish - MAVIC

    Hey all, I recently had to ship my Mavic off for repair and I made a quick video about the entire process. Documenting emails, procedure and timescales. Hopefully it may be of interest to some. Thanks, -Aidan
  19. I

    Mavic pro, Bottom sensors not as good as phantom 3 advanced???

    I was wondering when flying my dad's phantom 3 advanced and even my previously owned phnatom 3 professional, when following any terrain (despite not having terraian follow) the phantom 3 advanced and the phnatom 3 pro will follow up the terrain, and follow down the terrain at a steady altitude...
  20. S

    Slow IMU initialization and Sensor errors?

    I can't be the only one having these issues, but I did not see it mentioned anywhere. After updating the firmware for my Mavic Pro, about 70% of the time I turn it on it sits at "IMU Initialization. Please do not move or turn off aircraft" comes up and sits there for at least 5 minutes. And...