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Mini 3 First night flight and fireworks, thoughts please,,,

Not too sure about this video, I captured the footage in mid September, but have been struggling with the edit for a while now...

Knutsford Fair - perhaps first footage a little too early, and the later a bit overexposed...
Fireworks - run at 4x speed - perhaps I should edit to the best bits only and run at normal speed?

Should it be one video, or 2?

Regarding only the night footage of the fair, yes. Too late.

Night footage presents some of the highest dynamic range (contrasty) subject matter out there. The trick is to shoot at exactly the right time of day when there's still some leftover daylight, but it looks like night to the camera. It's a fine balance that only lasts a few minutes. Usually right after sunset.

With fireworks, you have no choice. They purposely wait until it's completely dark for those shows. The strategy there is to avoid overexposure at all costs - not easy when they are so bright. With digital photography you have to ensure that you NEVER overexpose. There's no recovery from clipping.

With underexposure you can usually do significant recovery.

Good on ya for even attempting a night flight. Something I haven't tried yet.
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Thanks, I was flying sub 250gram and kept 30m above folks, plus avoided crowds, so was able to stay within CAA Drone code for the flight, although keeping the inbuilt lights in view on the night flight was tricky to say th least, thankfully hubby was my spotter and has great nightvision..
The lights go out on the mini 3 when you are recording video. They only stay on when taking stills.
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Did you use the D-Cinelike video profile? you may be able to recover some of those highlights, which need to be toned down. I agree with a previous post that some of the jerkiness can be edited out with maybe a simple cross fade. Otherwise a very nice video.
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I found that if I put the camara on Manual focus it stopped the blur after explosion during auto focus. Besides that good footage. The first part was Auto focus, the middle footage was manual.
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