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Found on Twitter: do not fly over rams. (Not the trucks.)

The wildlife was on a game ranch and not covered under the same law! It was a game farm so he could pretty much do what he wanted.
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If it was an Air2 - had no reason to be that low and still capture great video with zoom. Being a "cowboy" does have it's pitfalls - here a ramfall.

A buddy of mine is a "cowboy" and he's dunked more drones in water (not always recovering them either) in the last year alone. He flies the limits and as such - he experiences those "death" moments when his drones crash and burn.

Yet, he does not stop doing it. Since most of his FPV drones are home-made, his investment is far less than a $1k Air2 or more - even though he has lost 2 Air2's and a Mavic Pro in the process. He also has 3rd party insurance too.
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