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Gimbal Plastic Cover

Peter Ho

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Jul 1, 2017
After reading and watching tutorials after tutorials on u tube, I finally got my Mavic Pro. Great feeling on the first flight using beginners mode.

Pity that while watching the videos I did not take note of the versions and dates on them which led me to fiddle high and low to access certain modes and functions on the dji go4. Anyway got over it.

However after a few flights and taking the precaution of putting back the gimball protector.... it finally gave way.
Now I find in the market online... there are so many alternate ones... Should I go for the original or "3rd parties" with some having a 2 in 1 to protect the gimball as well as locking it into place and yet at only $9.90 which when converted will cost me RM42.

Just got mine in last week Salty and sure beats the stock set up .
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I was always paranoid about the gimbal clamp that you're supplied with, seems that there had to be a better solution and I've found the cheap 3rd party 2in1's do the trick. Alternatively you could do what I did until I received my replacement and that's just to double up an elastic band to hold the cover in place during transit.

Sure, it's not as aesthetically pleasing but sure beats a scratched or damaged lens... :p
thanks Mr salty upon your recommendation I have Pulled the trigger on this "All in one" gimbal guard
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I think you'll like it. One of the better accessories I've bought.

I find it's easier to get on if I tilt the Mavic forward slightly, causing the camera to hang forward a bit. Once you get the hang of it it's so much easier to deal with than the stock clamp.
got my Gimbal guard.....AWSUM.!
Thanks again for the heads up on a Good deal Mr Salty.......C
gimbal cover.jpg
Keep your original gimbal clamp though - you'll need it if you want to put on filters, clean the lens, etc.

Good point.

If you already threw out the gimbal clamp, it's not a huge deal.
You can still hold the lens with one hand and put on filter or clean with the other.
But the gimbal clamp makes it so much easier.
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