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Greetings from the bowels of California

Greetings mate, welcome to the forum from the outback of Australia, looking forward to your input.
Mmmm Fosters!
Welcome to the forum from NW Montana
Big Sky! Lots of open space to fly!
Welcome from Iowa! I just recently bought the air three and so far I’m really loving it. I think you made a great choice. 👍🏻
Thanks PMF! I have done 3 test flights so far and I love it <3
Howdy all. New member here. I am from a small farming town northwest of Los Angeles in the fertile Ventura County region. I have been flying drones since 2014. I bought small, very hard to fly, cheap drones to learn to fly. Once I could fly one of them in a figure eight maintaining forward orientation throughout the eight, I figured I was ready to buy a real drone. In 2015 I bought a P3P and it served me very well up until recently when it suffered a failure in the gimbal control. I used that as an excuse (combined with an unwillingness to spend money on an RID module to hang off of the thing) to invest in a more modern drone.

To that end I purchased an AIR 3. It seems things have come a long ways since the old P3P. I use my drone recreationally as well as commercially. A friend approached me about a year and a half ago to do some construction progress image captures so I acquired a part 107 certification and I have been doing that work ever since. I went through the Pilot Institute part 107 made easy course and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Now with the firmware up to date and registration complete on the Air 3, tomorrow morning I will be going out to test fly it and get a feel for it as I have actual drone work to do on Sunday morning. I charged all the batteries last night - Boy that took a while. At first I was using a 10w USB block but after a few hours and not 1 battery charged yet, I switched it to a 25w Macbook USBC charger and that worked much better. Wish me luck and thanks for having me here in your community.
👏👏👏👏👏 Great Stuff Welcome back
Welcome to the forum! :)
Mmmm Fosters!

Big Sky! Lots of open space to fly!

Thanks PMF! I have done 3 test flights so far and I love it <3
You have the ability to make a person smile with your comments based on their location. Refreshing!
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