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H.264 versus H.265 mini 3 pro

At the moment with the free version of Davinci any .265 files are unusable after import.
I have the free version of Da Vinci Resolve and don't have a problem editing H.265 even on my older 2013 MacBook Pro it will edit it, just drops a lot of frames without proxies. My new Mac Studio will edit it in full resolution. My Air 2S arrives Tuesday so I'll be able to test out the higher res footage beyond the 4K/60 of my MA2.
I'm sorry if I missed this question answered. I bought an M3C and a Mini 3 Pro. My laptop can read all the resolutions in pro mode from the M3C, but it can't read any pro mode files from the Mini 3 Pro.

If anyone has any idea why this is happening, thank you in advance.
Or spend $599 on an M1 or M2 Mac Mini and edit 6K 60fps h.265 in Final Cut Pro with no proxies no problem.
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