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Help for a newbie please!


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Jul 23, 2018
I have M Pro, Galaxy s7, Windows 7 computer.

The manual seems extremely sketchy about how you get pictures/videos from the drone to your computer or phone. In my early attempts I took long videos when I thought I was taking a still, and previously was able to see them on my phone. Now I got "SD Card Full" message. Finally got the computer to recognize the SD card inside the drone (couldn't see it when I tried inserting the card directly into the computer), but Windows media won't play QuickTime files. I downloaded VLC but only the top half of the picture showed. Don't know if the problem is in the card, the media player, or my computer. Is all this stuff written out some place and I just missed it?? Also, cannot find the videos on my phone now :<(

Very frustrated and grateful for any help.
With the sd card in your bird and powered up you can then look at your videos and pictures using the go4 app . I never remove my as card . I move what I want and scrap the rest .
The fastest method is to remove the Micro SD card and put it in a card reader, I use THIS ONE it's USB 3.0 and I can transfer files 3-4 times faster than plugging the drone in.
I am a newbie here also but saw your question! as I was signing up! (video production 20 + years) QuickTime Files are Apple movie files with(.mov) extension. Great for editing in apple products Final Cut Pro. For Windows based video on your settings I would make them MP4 with extension recording .MP4 files which you should have no problem playing in windows 7. My thoughts Computer fine, media player fine -- If you are going to film and edit and play on windows base computer use MP4. Video probably corrupted but reformat sd card film again. Shoot about 2 minutes of video first and check!! Hope this helps!
Go into the DJI Go app setting and change the video format from MOV to MP4. you should now be able to view the video more easily on your windows computer using media player.

Regardless, the SD card only hold so much data. You need to delete/move exiting files off the SD card in order to continue saving new files.
-Add me to the list of one who removes the SD card and inserts it into the adapter that comes with the micro SD card. For me though, my laptop already has an SD card reader. Aerial-Pixel had an excellent USB/card reader example that can be found at any computer store or on Amazon. They're cheap. You've also chosen VLC media player, which is an excellent program, and one that I use too. It'll read both .mp4 and .mov. files.

You'll find that the videos are crazy sharp when they come from the drone. The "thumbnails" on your phone though are only 720p and limited in duration. I usually clear those after every flight.

My drone settings (-lower right "slider settings icon) are 4k/24 fps (4096x2160), although 2.7k is great too. Set white balance for ambient conditions. Worry about lens filters later.

Once you capture your first few videos, you'll want to begin editing. That's a whole different topic, and there are several good discussions here concerning software. The best "free" program though (-in my opinion) is Resolve 15. -But first, get comfortable retrieving your initial videos!

If you're new, focus (-pardon the pun) on flying first! Get your drone above obstacles before tinkering with the camera, and before landing, return the camera to the horizontal position (-you don't want to scratch or goop up the lens).

Have fun!
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