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Help.. New to using an Ipad Mini and Mavic Platinum


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Aug 24, 2017
I have a Mavic Platinum. Im currently on fw version 1.04.300. I have an IPAD Mini 4.(purchased solely to use for DJI Go 4 App.... but i have not installed DJI GO 4 on it yet.) and I am in a NFZ (Yellow Zone)..I live on the very outskirts of the 5 mile radius from a tiny airport.
All I want to do is be able to fly around my house and along the riverbar that I live next too.
1. What versions of FW's and DJI Go 4 would be best for my scenario. I would like to bypass the NFZ prompts and remove the GeoFence that limits my distance and height. (something like 95 ft and 50 high?)

I am sure there are others with similar cases.. and YES, i understand the safety aspect of all of this but I feel it is a little extreme and doesn't fit EVERY case out there.. its more like a general template.

What is everyone using? Is what Im asking even possible with IOS versions, I know it can be done with Android.
You are smart to have a iPad Mini 4 dedicated only to your Mavic. I have iOS and android devices (Nexus 7, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and Crystal Sky Ultra) used to control a Mavic Pro, two Sparks and a Tello. I started out following the advice of others trying to stick to compatible firmware and Go 4 versions that worked and never upgrading. But I also live in a dji Authorization Zone near a small airport, so I must go through the dji self unlocking procedure every time I want to fly near my house. I kept getting messages in Go 4 that I had to update my no fly zone database. I finally did update the database, then I received a message that my old firmware was incompatible and I could not receive authorization until I upgraded firmware in the Mavic and Spark! So I upgraded to the current firmware and Go 4 versions, and everything worked again. But now I believe I am locked into periodic upgrades, and I am not certain if I can install older versions of software/firmware. I try to keep one or two versions behind the most current versions, just to make certain that most of the bugs are resolved before I upgrade. My Crystal Sky is constantly nagging me to upgrade, but I am resisting so far. If you are not in beginner mode, I believe that there are no height or distance restrictions except for the 500 meter height above take off point using Go 4 version 4.2.16 once you receive authorization (and stay away from red zones).

I have found that if I use my iPad for self unlocking, l can fly in as little as 10 minutes after dji approves the unlocking if I use the iPad for running the Go 4 app. But if I use my Crystal Sky (Android device), it can require as long as overnight before I can fly. I have no idea why, but iOS devices always seem to function better than android. But the 2000 cd/m2 display on the Crystal Sky can’t be beat, even if the tablet does not perform as well as an iPad.

I probably should not admit this on a dji forum, but I became so frustrated with not being able to fly using the very expensive Crystal Sky tablet that I purchased an Autel Evo which allows me to fly with no restrictions. I have had the Evo for a couple of weeks, and it exceeded my expectations. It seems to be as good or better than the Mavic Pro in almost every respect. I have not tried any long distance flights yet, but I suspect that the dji occusync may be better for image transmission. The OLED display on the Evo controller is better than the iPad display, and you can actually display the camera view on the controller and eliminate the tablet. If only the Evo controller had a bigger screen; 3.3 inches isn’t quite big enough compared to the iPad.
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