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Help with a Good Fight... Wildfires


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Feb 15, 2024
South America
Hello Folks,

Im here today requesting your assistance in my personal fight against crazy people here that profit from burn native forest in Patagonia.

Yes, as a matter of fact, more than 2000 acres had already burnt from some crazy people igniting fire out of nothing. But the worse part is, Greediness has no limits, so rich people (some politics included) take advantage of the wildfire, to set fire on their land on purpose. Why would they do this? Because in Patagonia we had a rich forest, full of native trees, it is a restricted area. but loopholes allows them to start their real state business on "de-forested land". This has been a long time tradition here in Patagonia. But I am just FED UP-

The issue is they start the fire in the middle of rain, because they know firefighters wont come out with that weather (remember folks, this is 3rd world). They have the ability to produce fire in the harshest conditions.

I have several hours of video evidence of their tricky business, but I am always one step behind because of the weather. Of course, I DO know my MP1 is not suitable for rain conditions. But I saw online several custom equipment that would prevent further damage, I am willing to take the risk for a clean shot. I would not fly during storm but rather light rain (less 1 inch)

I wanted to ask you your advice on flying with rain and your experience with wet suits.

Thanks in advance,
Those Drone pilots allowed to fly around fires will tell you its an art. There are places within and above any fire that carry the heat and conditions ideal to make your Drone lose all thrust and drop like a brick.
I don't fly in the rain BUT maybe contact the folks at and they can tell you all you need to know about the wet suit thing.
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