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Hi from Liverpool uk


Feb 16, 2024
Liverpool uk
Hi all am tony. 58. From Liverpool uk
A drone virgin. And look forward to my new hobby... Dunno if this is the right place to put this cry for hel. But I just purchase a second hand mini se. To get a taste of drone life. But it came with apple iPhone connector for my remote and using a android. But I can't figure out what the usb is on the remote my phone has a usb.c on it. But it's not a usb c on the remote. Any idea guys ? Thnx in advance tony
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

Assuming that you have the drone's model correct and that it is a Mini SE rather than a Mini 2 SE, then the connector in the remote controller and the corresponding plug on the controller to phone cable is a "micro USB Type A".
See USB - Wikipedia
In addition, I have the recollection that the plug that goes into the controller MUST be of the "OTG" type, there is an added internal connection within the plug that is not found on/in a 'normal' plug.

As you have presumably found out, the micro USB type A socket in the controller ALSO accepts, for charging purposes ONLY, the more usually encountered microUSB type B plug that is used with older Android phones.

BE CAREFUL when connecting a microUSB type B plug to the controller's socket or any plug for that matter, you need to fit the plug with the plug the correct way up. The symmetry of the rectangular opening of the type A socket means that it (the opening )'will accept plugs with the plug the wrong way up but forcing the plug into the socket the wrong way up is likely to break the innards of the socket.

I would suggest you look on ebay for either a GENUINIE DJI controller to USB-C cable or a complete set of the three GENUINE DJI cables ...... all from the following drones, Mavic Mini, Mini SE or any of the earlier Mavic drones that had controllers with fold-out phone-holding arms.

Failing that, look for the appropriate pattern cable but ensure that the controller plug is handed correctly and that the cable is listed as either OTG or for use with the above drone models. The "handing" helps to ensure that the plug is fitted the correct way up.
If you can, I would also suggest that you try to get hold a "USB-C cable slider" from the likes of a Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom, they are rarer than hens' teeth but I find their use makes fitting the phone to the cable much simpler.
Unfortunately the sliders were not supplied with the Mini and I presume they were not supplied with mini SE.
They are a little, hollow rectangle of plastic that fits into the LH fold-out arm and holds the phone plug in a good position when connect the phone to the cable.
NOTE you need the USB-C type slider for a USB-C plug, it is bigger than the common slider for micro USB and Ios plugs.
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Hi thnx all for the greeting 👍. Yorkshire pud. Mine is the controller with the fold out arms. And it is the old mini se. And not mini 2 se...... I ve seen on Amazon. Their is a data cable with mini usb to type c. Review say it works. So fingers crossed. Now I need too figure out what dgi software I use to view the cam on 🙄👍
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Mini USB to USB-C WILL NOT WORK. Look at the wikipedia web page I posted. The mini USB connector is completely the wrong shape.

Post the URL of the advert you are looking at.

With regards to DJI software

DO NOT look in the google play store, DJI apps are lot listed there any more.
The controller looks similar to the DJI SPARK.

What was said about the rectangular shape and the trapezoid plug is true and an easy way to mess up the port if not paying attention.

I labeled mine to help prevent this years ago.


A drone virgin.

Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. We have a Member's Map in the Upper Right of the Title Bar. Click on "Members" and then Click on "Member's Map…" Check it out and you might find some new flying friends.

Since you live in the UK, there are specific laws and rules for you to follow, please check to ensure these are current.

Even if you have flown Drones before, here is some Good Old Fashion Advice…

You paid a lot of money for that Drone, put your phone number on it. If your drone gets lost or stuck in a tree and it finally comes down when you are not around, give the finders an opportunity to contact you so it can be returned.

Now, for the Fun Part, But do not let the excitement of the moment get the best of you. When you are going out to fly, do it slowly and deliberately. Get used to a set procedure and even practice it.

There are so many things I could write but these are the highlights that I feel need mentioning.

Plug in your phone/tablet into your controller; turn on the Controller and DJI Fly App (if it does not start on its own…). On the Drone, open the front legs, then open the back legs, and then remove the Gimbal Cover.

The Gimbal is the most delicate item on the Drone and banging or bumping can damage it. I also fastened a short "Remove Before Flight" ribbon to the cover so it's more noticeable and I do not forget to remove it…

Turn on the drone and watch it come to "life." Watching the Gimbal go through its self-check is almost like watching a puppy or kitten opening its eyes for the first time…

Place the drone down (preferably on a Landing Pad) while it finishes its self-test (collecting satellites, etc…).

Check your battery status (Phone, Drone, and Controller), check the Signal Strength, by now the Controller should have reported it updated the Home Point.

Lift off, 6 feet (2-meters) or so, hover a bit, check the controls (move the drone a bit forward, back, left, right, yaw left and right). By now, your Controller will probably report again, "Home point Updated."

If you go out in a rush and race thru your start up and take off before the drone has finished it prep, it may update its Home Point over that pond or that old tree you are flying over and in your excitement, you'll fly the drone long past it Low Battery point and when it engages Return to Home and lands in the pond or in a tree; it will be all on you…

Now go have fun, learn to fly the drone by sight before you try to fly it out a distance depending on the video feed, FPV.

I would also advise you to use YouTube and watch a lot of the Videos on flying and setting up the Drone. When it is too dark, too cold, or too wet, you can "fly it vicariously" through YouTube. Also watch some of the Blooper Drone Videos and learn how not to fly your "New Baby."

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini SE, including the User Manual.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first "scary moment…"

Fly On and Fly Safe…
What ever cable you buy, make sure it is a Charge/Data cable, most cheap cables are Charge only...
Thnx for your help guys. Can confirm cables came today. I also found a step by step on you tube. For mini se beginners. And it took me through the basic points ( I was having trouble switching this thing on 😁. Anyways downloaded the app 👍. Put cable in I have video. And went for a little fly round my house. So all good. Their much more I need to learn. Before I venture out etc.... I have been through this forum and found a mini se thread. So that should help too. Thnx again for the greetings and the help... Peace out. Tony 👍
😯😯. Just need to know answer to this question. ... What would happen if am flying my drone and someone rings my mobile phone will I lose contact with drone or app ? Will anything happen ? Thnx in advance tony
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