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How do you mount your iPad Mini?


Jul 1, 2018
Have not found any recent threads and wondering if there are any new and improved mounts for mounting my iPad mini 4 to Pro controller.

Curious as to how you are mounting yours and if you like it. Does seem to fit pretty well in the phone holder, just not sure if that's the best option.
In my view the two best are the LiftThor Combo
and the MavMount solutions.
Black MavMount 3.0 DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic AIR, and Spark iPad Tablet adapter system | MavMount

Both are excellent and well balanced. The LiftThor puts your tablet above the RC clear of of the RC screen... the MavMount connects below but elevates your iPad in front of the RC screen. I have used them both and like them both. The LiftThor package also includes a sunshade which can be helpful when skies are really bright.

I have tried other methods and find them shoddily constructed and unbalanced, making them a pain to use for any length of time. Spend a little extra on either of these products and you'll have a long term solution rather than a clumsy workaround.
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I am using this: Mini 4 Tablet Holder It is well balanced and works nicely as a stand when you set it down. It really doesn't bother me that I don't have direct sight to the RC. A simple tilt of the holder and I can see it if I need to....


Be careful because I used to mount my mini4 in the clamps, and now with the clamps closed, RC beeps with an error on screen for "stick not centered ". RC has no signs of use, it's as new, and I was always careful.

Now I use a mount.
I think the lifthor is the best. I’ve tried a few others but this one is high quality. It’s worth the price. Sign up for their webpage and get discounts. It goes on sale sometimes. Right now they are giving $50 off a combo package. I missed that deal, so I hope someone else benefits. The product is well made and has a lifetime guarantee. I love it.

With the mini iPad order the xxl lift Thor. It fits perfectly.
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