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Apr 6, 2018
I've been shooting with a Mavic pro for about 7 months now and it's a great tool. All the time while flying I just wanted something more. My first flight I tried to orbit myself manually and found it very difficult, and I found myself wanting shots closer to the trees then I was comfortable flying. It's been months in the making, but I finally have a miniquad set up to record decent video. These things are finicky, and take some time to set up correctly, but with some practice I'm finally getting the flight experience I've craved this whole time.

Photographers: Stick with the DJI. If you want to be a pilot though, you have to come over to the dark side and build yourself a miniquad rig. Flying FPV is truly like nothing else.

I'm posting this here for a few reasons. One is that I think many DJI owners secretly want to fly race quads. Two is to show the strengths and very apparent weakness to anyone who might be interested. There's no gimbal, so if you want smooth footage you have to be smooth on the sticks. It's obvious when I mess it up, but you can see the potential here. Also, before shooting this video I've flown and crashed in this spot many times. I crash this little 3" a few times a day with rarely any damage besides propellers. That said I've broken and replaced almost everything on it save the FPV camera. You can build this little quad for about $200

Would love some comments...
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