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  1. M

    Mavic 2 Pro + GoPro HERO5 = ???

    Was bored, had some spare time so decided to mount a gopro on top of the mavic. Always wondering what it would be like flying a gopro on top of mavic, now I have a chance to do it, the results are interesting!
  2. RTKD

    I'm Finally Free!

    I've been shooting with a Mavic pro for about 7 months now and it's a great tool. All the time while flying I just wanted something more. My first flight I tried to orbit myself manually and found it very difficult, and I found myself wanting shots closer to the trees then I was comfortable...
  3. A

    Honeymoon Highlight Video (Maldives)

    Hey guys, My wife finally convinced me to edit our honeymoon footage from the Maldives last year. I like to fly the Mavic pro on my spare time and so the video editing was something I thought I’d try out. I felt like sharing because I busted my *** trying to shoot the footage and then...
  4. thebigbaddan

    GoPro Hero Plus, no LCD screen

    I grabbed this Woot offer this morning for $55: Hero Plus with wifi but no LCD screen: GoPro HERO+ (Wi-Fi Enabled) It doesn't have the LCD screen... and the website showed the one with a screen when I ordered, so they sent me a note that I can cancel the order. I don't have a Go Pro... I do...
  5. heo3480

    Parrot Anafi Hack = MA+GoPro

    What better way to kill a Sunday with a Parrot Anafi Hack were I try to mount my Mavic Air With GoPro Hero making it look up ;-)
  6. C

    Matching Mavic Pro footage with GoPro 6

    Does anyone have any tried and tested settings, to help in matching the footage between the two? Going to Menorca in July, and will be taking both with me, but want to try and avoid the obvious difference between the two on my final videos.
  7. derekcreates

    Tahoe weekend

    As my MA flying evolves, so is my video editing. Here is my first crack with multiple clips from the MA, GoPro Session and iPhone. And now with music! Take a look and feedback is always welcome! Enjoy.
  8. N

    GoPro Karma Trade For Mavic Pro Platinum

    Hello to everyone. I visit this board every once in a while but I usually hang out on the PhantomPilots board since Phantoms are what I normally fly. That being said, I have a almost new GoPro Karma I would like to trade for a Mavic Pro Platinum. The Karma is new with only one 20 minute flight...
  9. DougAles

    GoPro + iPhone + Mavic = click to find out...

    Well, after checking out a lot of your YouTube videos, joining this group, and purchasing my first ever GoPro, I took it on vacation. Here is my first real attempt at incorporating my GoPro into one of my YouTube videos. We went on a Segway tour. Besides my GoPro Hero 6, I also uses a iPhone...
  10. A

    DJI MAVIC PRO - On a ski slope in Bansko - Bulgaria

    Hi guys, Enjoy my video filmed with DJI MAVIC PRO and GoPro Hero 5. It is about my vacation in Bansko Bulgaria for ski and my Mavic showed me the world from above as I never saw it. If you like this video please share and subscribe to my channel :)
  11. D

    GoPro Hero 6 vs Mavic Pro - Camera compare

    I have a problem with determining the image quality from both cameras. In my opinion, the picture is the same, which results from the size of the sensors and the use of 4K. The problem is that GoPro uses wide-screen mode and Mavic does not. GoPro pushes 4K at 160 degrees or uses digital zoom to...
  12. Mpunktkarlsson

    Just having fun editing!

    Hey! I have been using gopros just for fun for a while, but when i bought my mavic i also started to try out some editing. This is my latest video from a fishing contest arrenged by me and my two friends. Check it out, hope you like it! :)
  13. B

    Frankfurt in One Day

    Check out my footage from Frankfurt. Half with Mavic and half with GoPro. Really miss the Romerburg area..
  14. A

    Video cataloging and storage

    Not sure if this is the correct location but how is everyone storing their videos. Are you only keeping you completed rendered and finalized videos or what? I am going nuts between my drones and gopro's i am way beyond out of space.. Thanks
  15. Total Newbie

    Ericeira Portugal and some surfing

    Filmed with mavic pro and gopro, enjoy!
  16. Mikewilltakeyouto


    Im sure theres a post somewhere around here with all the backpack ideas, if someone can direct me perfect, if not .... im looking for a backpack for, - gopro + accessories - dji mavic pro + fly more combo - macbook pro 13inch - some extra day stuff ive found 2 backpacks that i might fancy or...
  17. ed1nh0

    Some mix of footage just for training

    Hi guys! I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about aerial footage, editing, post-production, etc. and never tried to do something similar. I have some timelapses (sorry for the low quality) and I've been practicing some edition for a few days now. I'm a "Windows Movie Maker"...
  18. N

    Action shots of cars drifting

    I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of action footage out there so I thought I would treat you all with some. I recorded these guys drifting around an abandoned road system in FL. Recording them in action was some of the most fun I have ever had. I'm still new at this and I made...