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Is this a crazy idea?


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Mar 24, 2018
I have a mavic pro and a Xiaomi 4k drone. But I am in love with the idea of buying a DJI inspire 1 v2. They are getting affordable, specially the refurbished one from DJI, $1399. They are big but extremely sexy looking and is made of high quality material, not cheap plastic. What do you guys think about?
The Inspire gets you a better camera and camera control at the cost of portability, "stealthiness", and dollars. You might want to wait and see what DJI is going to announce soon. If it is not what you are looking for, it might cause a drop the price of the Inspire 1.
I never fly my inspire anymore/
they really are not that much better than the mavics camera for what i do and the portability of the mav wins all the time for me.
Im one of those fools that want all the bells and whistles, and my rolling crate for the inspire is huge. (it stores the bird with props on and undercarriage down)
I have the titan drones tactical ground station with the 7.85 crystal sky and love it.
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I would wait some more until the price goes down a little more.
Besides, they might have smth new coming, as Mossiback suggested.
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I have one but it's only getting out of its case once a year for the "it was cool indeed" blast from the past, but the MP does everything it did and more without the bulkiness.
It WAS a total revolution when it came out and needs to be remembered for that - but the MP was just as much of one after it.

Unless you have an X5 or better (the MP's cam is better than an X3) and/or a need for dual operator it's not of any interest in terms of features/performance. Still does look cool for sure though.
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