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Issues with Mavic 3 after update (SRT files and slow playback on computer)


Jul 11, 2022
About a month ago I updated my Mavic 3 and I noticed two changes. 1. I get an SRT file now with my clips, anyone know how to turn that off.
The other is the video clips don't seem to play nearly as smooth as they did before the update. Everything on my computer side is the same,
I have nearly fully specced Mac Studio just the playback on my clips can get choppy. It used to be completely smooth. Any ideas what changed?
Frame rate / Color / Resolution has remained the same as well. (50 FPS, D-LOG, 5.1K)
Running very smooth on my end, D log footage but look ok and I was running it on dropbox and it was still smooth. Down Loading the Actual footage as well .
Gear to fly in the Rain.
Hmmm it will play smooth on myside but not when scrubbing through the footage (I'm using Premiere).
Was it shot in the H.265 codec? That codec gives trouble to a lot of machines but a Mac Studio should handle it. Were you trying to play it from the card?
It was actually shot h264. No playing it off the computer's SSD. I will try h265 as well.
A 5.1k h.264 is in the gray area where some manufacturers support it with hardware decoding, and some don’t. h.265 is well worth trying, it may play smoother on your Mac Studio. It’s possible your recording codec may have changed on the update.

I believe that if you turn off Video Captions (subtitles?) in your drone settings it will not create an SRT file. Not sure about this, because DJI is constantly changing how common settings actually work on particular drones, and I don’t have an M3.
Got it thank you! I think it is the h.264 codec. I checked older clips before the recent Mavic 3 update and they are HEVC (H265)
Thanks for the help!
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