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Mavic 2 Pro compared to Mavic Zoom, what are your thoughts.


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Feb 9, 2018
I just saw this video
and kinda disappointed (video and image quality) with the M2Pro since I pre ordered it and will be arriving by the end of the month.
yes, maybe the zoom is more versatile and interesting, They resolved the impressive flickering issue on the original mavic pro....
M2pro seems always out of focus.....but better colors
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I'd personally ignore people that don't actually have a clue about the technical details of what they're testing and whats needed.
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I think a lot of people are overly obsessed with seeing ultra-crisp, unrealistically sharpened images. M2P clearly has a different approach, and to my eyes the footage looks much more realistic and way more in line with what you'd get e.g. from a DSLR shooting 4K video on the ground. Which means that it should be easier to intercut, without the drone footage jumping out in look too much. I feel that a lot of the drone footage we see these days looks overly sharpened and clearly digital – whereas M2P has more analogue, natural feel to it. But I guess that's not to everyone's taste.

What I would like to see though is that people who complain about M2P not being sharp (as in not so blatantly oversharpened as e.g. the Zoom), they'd at least try adding sharpening in the M2P clip, either in the device or in post. I'm pretty sure it sharpens nicely if needed, probably still ending up looking less artificial than the revered "hey man this is so crisp you can scratch your iris with this!"-clips we often see from other drones.
Well I just finally took mine up for the first time since I got it. In every aspect I can think of, it’s far better than the original. I am quite impressed with that they have done. Very happy. Here is a photo taken in auto and no post processing. Untitled.jpg
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Wow, so even compared to the zoom it is still warmer (i was expecting the zoom to be the same color setting as the pro).
The hasselblad part of the camera is more about the color science than anything else. It's a sony RX100 sensor... but it's processing is hasselblad.

It's been said by DJI that the colors are truer with the Pro
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