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Mavic Pro vs Mavic Air


Jul 12, 2018
So I am looking into getting my 2nd drone and have narrowed it down to either a Mavic Pro or a Mavic Air. I am coming from a phantom 3 standard so both would be a huge upgrade. I am fairly concerned with the Mavic Air's "enhanced wifi" as my phantom 3 uses wifi too. That is one huge pro for the Mavic Pro. I am looking to get some more cinematic shots and become more of a professional with a new drone. I just am not sure which would be the better drone and whether the enhanced wifi will get me that far. (My phantom 3 has gone up to 2000 feet but I usually only go 1000 feet.) I don't travel to often so the Mavic Air's size isn't that significant. I do really like that the Mavic air is new too.
Thanks for any help.
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If money is an issue, get the Mavic Pro as it has come way down in price, if money is not an issue, wait for the Mavic Pro II. The Air is nice, but it will not beat the Ocusync the Pro has for signal connection and distance. I have both Pro & Air. I use the Air a lot for travel, but the Ocusync connection of the Pro can't be beat. Either choice is a good one depending on your purpose.
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Why are you going up to 2000 feet in the first place?

Well, first of all it's not all about signal distance, there's the issue of signal penetration. So even in "close quarters" flying the Occusync is helpful.

Second, for night flying the stock lighting system on the Mavic will let you get out to about 7,000 feet and see the position and orientation of the aircraft. Add $50 worth of auxiliary lighting and you can a night flyer can get out well past 3 miles and still have VLOS.

As to "why"? Because you can and it's awesome. :cool:
I faced this decision back in April. I got the Pro because:

Flight time
Flight distance
Price ($809 for the MP and one extra battery with edu discount and sale)

I am very happy with the Pro.
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I did air fly more , more batteries. More safety sensors to help me not crash. Compact and awesome.

New batteries are cheaper here than mp
And the camera seems less breakable
Right now with the Mavic Pro on sale new for $600, I think you'd be absolutely crazy to get an Air instead.

I'm seriously thinking about getting another Mavic Pro at this price just to have a spare.

Plus, you said size was not an issue. That's the only real benefit of the Air, IMO. And the size difference is not that significant anyway.

More safety sensors to help me not crash
This is like saying, "I bought 2 lottery tickets to improve my chances of winning". - In my opinion.
Or like choosing a car based on which one has the better air-bags.

I'm sure you'll like either one.
I have a personal pro and a work issued air (for 3 weeks) along with my Part 107.
I fly manually without advanced controls and still have relatively low hours on each.

I prefer the Pro mainly for the additional camera controls and because it just feels more solid and stable.

The fixed aperture and lack of ability to focus as well as the wider lens is bother someone coming from the Pro.

The Pro also a little easier to keep within VLS.

Im a staff photographer so having the smallest possible device in my camera bag was a priority, otherwise I’d go with the Pro.
I got the pro recently because it was on sale for very cheap, and the air doesn’t have occusync which is a dealbreaker IMO. So far I love my MP
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