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Michigan pilots here

Yeah, we should figure something out. Im sure there's some more guys in here from SE Michigan.
Hazel Park, Mi
I thought we were the midwest? :)

I've owned cheaper drones, but this thing is amazing.

I'll be covering the Gambler 500 coming to Michigan April 29th. It's a $500 beater car off-road race from Troy, Mi to Up North. I'm gonna intercept them a couple times. Parts of the track I'll be able to outpace cars and cut corners on them so I should be able to get several miles of footage.

Let's Talk About the Gambler 500
I'm near Davison MI and I know three more in Fenton area would be great to meet up and share experience

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I'm in Fenton as well just got my drone about two weeks ago have not set it up yet due to inquiring about insurance once that's taken care of I'll be excited to get it up in the air if you guys ever decide to meet please let me know in advance so we can set it up thanks

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Clinton township area here. Waiting for weather to get nice and searching for a place safe to fly :)
Looks like a very few people live and fly in Michigan. Nice day today. Too bad I'm stuck in work all day. Storms rolling in for the weekend and back to the cold weather.
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