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Moverios and Mavic 2 are a go

Just got the Mavic 2 Zoom and just fired up the go app for the Mavic Pro 1 and it worked but it was missing how many satellites it was connected to, it was just greyed out. But I know it was connected to at least 8 or 9 because I had a green not yellow ribbon on the top left of the screen and the MP zoom was very stable. Also switching the forward and backward sensors off for confined spaces and indoor worked most of the time but was erratic.
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ajsinoga I was just about to post a message saying that the go app is not working with the glasses on the mavic 2 Zoom when I say not working there's a serious lag I quickly switched to a phone which is horrible by the way and it worked fine I switched back to the glasses and there is a definite horrible lag.
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Actually as far as the go app is concerned just before Flying I was forced to download an update it worked fine yesterday before the update. This was about 3 hours ago. And I did reboot everything on the everything on a number of occasions.
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Dear John, please let us know if you managed to make the glasses work with Mavic 2 with no lag after the update. What version of DJI Go 4 is installed there now?
However I have noticed that the latest updates in the go app seem to have improved the overheating issue. After half an hour, kept out of the sun, the glasses r/c was not hot in high temperature and humidity. I have not been able to test it over long periods flying around Bangkok is not flyer friendly. Many restrictions and even out in the sticks locals are so curious and sometimes negative.
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