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New update features


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Mar 1, 2017
Hi, I've just done the latest update (4.0.5) (01.03.0500).
One of the new features is the auto flight restriction zones or whatever it's called which I what I'm worried about. Is it the case that the mavic can't be flown in any restricted zone? Because where I live on all other apps and maps I'm about 5 miles out of any restricted air space but when I turn on the mavic I get a warning that I'm in a class D zone. I'm worried that the next time I try to fly at this location it won't let me because this new app feature. I'm in UK.
Well its definitely possible that you may be restricted. The flip side is if you are not flying with the latest greatest firmware and you have a crash that needs DJI refresh to be used they (DJI) "may" deny the refresh on the grounds that you did not update the firmware when the DJIGO 4 app clearly indicated that a Firmware Upgrade was needed.

If you are not concerned or did not purchase the DJI :"refresh" then you could hold off and not upgrade and still fly your bird.
I've already updated. I do have dji cover so that's not an option.
I've double checked with two apps Nats drone assist and hover and I'm not even on the edge of a restricted zone. But the app tells me I am. So I hope the GEO doesn't ground me on false information.
You can go through the steps to report this to DJI in hopes that they will correct the error within thier NFZ portion of the firmware update .
I am in Virginia US, and I did my upgrade and it increased the reception of satellites and now I can't even hover indoors. So I went back to the older version. No flyzone even indoors. I will hold the upgrade as long as I can. This really sucks for ppl who fly indoors in no fly zones.
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So can't you still self authorize?
So can't you still self authorize?
No- it is in a outskirts of no fly zone. On earlier version I could fly using optic option with no GPS in doors, but somehow after the .500 started picking up a lot more satellites. Good if you in a green zone but not for folks in NFZ. very strange but I believe I have read another post by another person who said something that he has been testing indoors and he never got enough satellites but after the upgrade he did so he was not sure if he was going to upgrade or not. I have other places where i can go which is in fly zone but they are quite a drive and possibly only on a good weekend.

Now DJI is controlling whether you can hover indoors or not.. funny.
I've emailed dji with my problem. If it isn't resolved I'm going to have to cut my losses and sell up. As mentioned I'm well over 5 miles from the edge of any zone, not airport.
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