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PanGazer - a new application for viewing Mavic Panoramas


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Mar 23, 2017
Kenilworth, UK
I've been working for a few months now on a new viewer for panoramas I've been taking on my Mavic Pro. It is now available at PanGazer - introduction. Here's a summary of the main features:
  • PanGazer is a free (and advert-free) Windows application for viewing images and panoramas, including 360° spherical and hemispherical panoramas as captured by drones.

  • The PanGazer package includes a 'starter spherical panorama’ of the Bejes village and mountains in Spain, taken with my Mavic Pro; PanGazer lets you look around the full 360°, and also pitch up or down, including straight down.

  • PanGazer detects spherical 360° panoramas automatically and you can pan around them easily, but you can also use it for viewing non-spherical panoramas and other images.

  • When viewing ‘hemispherical’ panoramas (e.g., drone panoramas from the Mavic and similar drones) which typically cover 20° above the horizon and 90° below, PanGazer will automatically set the correct horizon.

  • You can save views to disk, effectively extracting individual photographs from a panorama.

  • Strong image enhancements (brightness, etc.) are available to help you identify features of interest.

  • Multiple views (windows) are supported – you can view different images, or the the same image, from multiple angles and zooms at the same time. For example, you can compare still images with views of a panorama.

  • If an image is geotagged (e.g., from a Mavic) you can select 'view satellite image' to see (using Google Maps) where the image was taken.

  • PanGazer uses a fast multi-threaded implementation of the gnomonic projection which reduces apparent distortion of horizontals and verticals. Interpolation is used to improve the display of zoomed or low-resolution images.
All comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome!

Mike Cowlishaw
Very cool! Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a shot!
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Very cool! Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a shot!

Hope you liked it?!

Just put out a new version; this one adds two new features:
  • Image files can now be dragged to any MapGazer window to open them; if more than one, new windows will be opened for them.

  • Coordinates can now be displayed in UTM format.
I really like this. Thank you!!!

It makes pano's worth doing because they look so much better in your viewer.
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Some new features in 1.17:

  • New ‘Set image geography’ dialog allows editing the location, elevation, bearing, and tilt data for images.

  • New ‘Show tilt angles’ overlay optionally shows an ‘angle strip’ on the left of a view (similar to the compass points for bearings).

  • The compass points and tilt angles overlays are shown automatically when the Image Geography dialog is open.

  • New ‘Set horizon’ in pop-up menu allows setting the horizon for images (similar to ‘Set North’).

  • Elevations can now be displayed in metres and feet (or both), and can be edited in either unit.

  • Dragging an image to an open PanGazer window now opens a new window instead of replacing the existing image.
Fantastic piece of software! I was the solution to my quest.
Thank you for providing this to us all as freeware!
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