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PC utility recommendation


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Jun 30, 2018
There are loads of programs and utilities that claim to keep you Windows PC running sweetly.

Most at best just try to get you to buy a paid for version and at worse can mess up your computer badly.

However, just occasionally one comes along that is good (free version).

I have been using Advanced System Care by Aobit. It does all sorts of stuff and you have to use your judgement eg I never let anything like this near the registry but a lot is great.

Startup items - have a look at all the crap that loads when you boot ! In particular Scheduled Items that some startup utilities miss.
Uninstaller - much better than most although I prefer Revo but that costs.
Many others

nb - read recently that you should NEVER attempt to optimise or defrag etc a SSD disk. Not sure how qualified the author was but he sounded convincing !

Edit: One thing I like about this Advanced System Care is that it reports itself as a culprit that is slowing your computer :)
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My tech's also have said to never defrag an SSD drive. And generally don't recommend those "do it all" programs as being a source of problems more than a cure.
Thanks for confirming that. It appears that there is something in it and I am glad I have never done mine. I am surprised it is not more widely publicised as iirc although it does not corrupt anything you end up with everything in bits all over the place and it will be in a far worse condition.
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