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Mini 3 Plodda Falls, Glen Affric


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Aug 3, 2022
Manchester, UK
Today's scheduled Drone video from our recent Highlands trip is the 150ft tall Plodda Falls, a bit of a trek to reach - 3 miles down an unpaved road - but definitely worth the effort.

This was taken on the second day of our trip, a grey, cold and changeable day with snow, rain and drizzle, and after the 8 hr drive to the Highlands we spent this day within 15 miles of the cottage, visiting Plodda and Dog Falls (Dog Falls video yet to come).

Another great video
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AWESOME The next best thing to sightseeing stuff with my drone is sightseeing with someone else's. WE Want more!!!
Thanks, truly glad the footage is being appreciated :)

Be careful what you wish for though, you might just get it! I took footage at 30+ locations last week, have processed 10 of them, and 6 have been posted to YT, another 5 are scheduled to be posted one a day - including 3 more waterfalls over the next 3 days - then I just have another 20-25 video's to edit.. I can manage to do one a day before work, and that should keep me posting for another 2 or 3 weeks yet...

Then off to Orkney in June, so expect another large batch of video's then :)

And to Skye and Lewis and Harris in the Autumn, so another batch then too...
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Another great video
Thanks :) Lots more still to come from that trip... But I dont want to spam anyone, so one a day will be released - also means I can stay ahead of the editing, I have scheduled posts on YT until Sunday, but I am away with work until Friday, so as hubby's computer is the editing one I cant work on anything tomorrow or Friday mornings...

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