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PP ND Filter Case Magnets


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Aug 17, 2017
Corpus Christi, TX
Just saw this ikopta video (scrub to about 6:15,) and since I have two of their magnetic cases in my M2P backpack less than about three inches away from the Mavic, I'm wondering what the odds are that it will ask for a compass cal the next time I fire it up? (Too bushed at the moment to test.) I guess this is for those folks on here who really know their stuff about on this subject. I have no way to measure their strengths or fields but they're fairly stout for their size. Easy enough to drill out and fall back to Velcro or the old rubber band. :)

Contributions, welcome.
Based on the lack of comments from the magnetometry foundation, I shall assume that these little magnets are not a problem for the aircraft when stored close together And with the bird unpowered.
i have same issue since i also purchased their ND32 separately I have 2 magnetic cases makes things worse.

it does ask me to calibrate annoying used to never happen
Interestingly the part that holds the filters is a single piece of rubber that can be removed from the case (it isn't glued down) - I wonder if we can find a cheap generic case that will fit the rubber insert (or be big enough for it to be glued into)

Also these magnets are pretty strong - holding a thin steel ruler near them lets me almost pick up an entire 6 pick of filters from one corner...
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I wonder if we can find a cheap generic case that will fit the rubber insert (or be big enough for it to be glued into)

I had the same thought, Popster. So if anyone finds a box that they’ll fit, please post a link, and thanks.
I had the same thought, Popster. So if anyone finds a box that they’ll fit, please post a link, and thanks.

As a temporary fix, a six pack almost fits in an empty full sized CD case. It is just a bit too thin (you could certainly trim some rubber and it would fit, but I wouldn't recommend it). Perhaps if you had a double sided CD case with a removal centre insert.

The closest things I can find on amazon & ebay are fishing lure/fly tackle boxes. This Size B double sided one looks like it might fit 12 filters (6 on each side) amazon link or this one on ebay looks like it should fit 6. A lot of these lure boxes also contain magnets, although these two don't say they have any they might

I am thinking a rubber band and removing the magnets on the original polar pros might be the best/quickest way to get it done. The hinge on the polarpro boxes is not too bad even without the magnets.
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Popster: Thanks for the links and like you, I'd rather not alter the stock mat to fit a different box. I too thought about a rubber band and drilling out the magnets but I kinda wanted to hear from one of the "compass gurus" first, to see what they think about the filter case magnets affecting the M2's. Logic tells me it's not an issue with the aircraft powered off so perhaps just carrying the filters in the same case won't matter as long as we keep them far enough away from the aircraft when we power it up. I THINK that is what Dylan at ikopta was saying.

Haven't had a chance to test this theory yet though.
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Not a definitive answer but I did power up the M2P yesterday, no props, to take a look at the obvious changes from the FW update. No compass errors and the PP cases were about six feet away when I powered up.
I moved case magnets to side pockets of my Lowepro bag, AC powered up without asking for compass calibration. I used to launch AC on top of my Lowepro bag in dusty areas, case was in pocket right below AC that's why I would get compass interference. Relocating case to side pocket is not an issue for me.
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DV8ED: Thanks for the info on the case magnets and the BP 250. I did essentially the same thing with the same results so at least for now, I am not going to remove the magnets.

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I emailed PolarPro about the issue, they said the magnets will only cause issues if the AC is powered on. I am happy with that as they're otherwise good cases and will just be careful to keep my bag away from the unit while powered on.
Based on what you and I have seen, that appears to be the case, ( no pun intended, ) i’ll be following the same procedure you described.

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