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Pro Tips for Part 137 UAS Pilots and Operators


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Apr 7, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 7:00PM CDT!


Topic: Pro Tips for Part 137 UAS Pilots and Operators

During this webinar the presenters will discuss 14 CFR Part 137 Statistics, Aircraft / Drone Collisions and Near Misses, Professionalism, Safety, and Expectations from the FAA. There will also be a Question-and-Answer session at the end of the webinar.
Joel Jones

• UAS Instructor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA since 2018
• Worked with Farm Bureau CA on State Assembly Bill 1016 that updates Aerial Pesticide Regulations
to better reflect UAS operations
• Owner of Drone Crop Services
– Licensed in Arkansas, California, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin
– Written Operations and Training Manuals for Swarm, BVLOS, and Night Operations.
Jeramy Williams
• Founder and owner of American Drone, a Wisconsin-based LLC.
• Born and raised in Central Wisconsin, he worked on the family dairy farm until graduating high school
and moving to Milwaukee where he pursued a career in engineering for the next 17 years before
creating American Drone.
• Private pilot since in 2005
Nicholas Matlock
• Aviation Safety Inspector – AFS-752 (Emerging Technologies Division)
• Nicholas been working with UA in AFS-830 and AFS-752 for almost 3 years
• Prior he worked in a FSDO as an Operations ASI for 10 years
• Prior FAA background includes Part 121 and 135 pilot
Ryan Smith
• Aviation Safety Inspector – AFS-752 (Emerging Technologies Division)
• Ryan’s experience includes a long history of providing flight instruction. He became the Chief Flight Instructor and then Director of Operations at a large 141 Flight School. He then obtained a DC-4 type rating and was the co-pilot of a DC-4 configured for aerial application. Prior to joining the FAA’s GA and Commercial UAS branch, Ryan was a Principal Operations Inspector at the Fresno FSDO who had oversight of the 137 certificates as well as part 133, 135, and 141 certificates.
Please register for this webinar at the link below.
Webinar Registration - Zoom
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