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Recommended Devices for App/Live View


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Aug 25, 2018
I finally got to trying to fly my new M2P, but I can't get past the activation part at the end (in the DJI 4 app). It couldn't connect to the server and it recommended that I contact DJI support if the retry fails.

So after several attempts, I contact DJI (online chat) and I was told that I need to use a recommended device.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that I have been running my previous Mavic Pro on the same device (Samsung S8), but our conversation didn't get past "use the recommended device" suggestion.

Is anyone else using a Samsung S8? How many of you are using the same device to fly multiple drones?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
I tried using my Samsung Tab E, and it wouldn't see the remote. Original Go and P3A/P had similar issues but could work around the issue by rebooting the Tab while RC/A were on and connected. My HTC 10 worked OK, but I do seem to have to restart the Go app after my HTC asks me with what app to use the USB connection.
I am using a Galaxy S8 and have not had any connection issues other than cables. For me, switching to a known, good, full size cable and plugging it into the full size port has alleviated any connection issues I had. The stock "low profile" cable was easily disconnect from the phone, and I would have to push it back in mid flight.

Using a standard cable, however, leads to com comfort issues, so I've just bought a cable with a right angle connector, and I'm hoping connection, ergo, and durability are good. I'd wager just taking that stupid plastic slider out could to a ton of good.

I chose to spring for the cable because I have every intention of switching to a tablet later, so the mid length should still serve me well.
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