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Shipping to Belgium

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Feb 8, 2018
When it comes to shipping to Belgium , they are on point with Customs.

Normally we put a value of $10 on the Wet Suits / Rescue Jackets for our clients for International shipments .
These shipments clear quickly however not so much in Belgium.

The Customs in Belgium make it a point to Call us on every order to confirm the Phone number and value and to speak with every client before delivering and or charging for Duty on $20 min . So you wont get delivery until that is paid or have spoken with Customs either email or phone.

We ship all over the world everyday and Belgium requires the most TLC to get the items shipped to you.
Gear to fly in th Rain , Land on the Water and be very careful with shipping to Belgium.
If you put the real value like you're supposed to you likely wouldn't have anywhere near that much trouble.
Speaking as a Belgian citizen, we host the hq's of EU and NATO, and have had our share of terrorism and major drug smuggling. If your custom declaration is unreliable about the real value of merchandise, there might be other things to worry about? So, hurray for our custom's officers doing their duty...
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That is good to know , and explains the interaction between them , me and the client.

I just want those to know that purchase the Wet Suits an Rescue Jackets to be ready for Customs calling them Or emailing them to Verify purchases even if we have prepaid customs fees. It can be alarming to those they are not aware and they will hold the package until they have gotten hold of the Customer by phone or email.
Gear to fly in the Rain.
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