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Small and light charger for Crystalsky battery hub


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Jun 23, 2018
I bought a Crystalsky which, as we all know, includes the Intelligent Battery Charging Hub (WCH2) but no actual charger. As I'm using an Mavic Air I also bought one of the chargers from the list below, the Phantom 4 Series Battery Charger (PH4C100). I works great but is big and heavy (more than 400g/14 ounces) and will probably have to stay at home when traveling.

I'm now looking at a smaller and lighter alternative but still an AC charger (no third party stuff). I would guess the two 57W chargers below are lighter? Anyone use them and know the weight of them?

BTW, it's quite irritating DJI uses different part numbers and descriptions. The charger I bought, called Phantom 4 Series Battery Charger (PH4C100) in the list below, is sometimes referred to as CP.PT.000344 or DJI Phantom 4 Part 9. Anyone know of a list/index if these products with the different descriptions and part numbers?

Wall/AC chargers
  • Inspire 2 Battery Charger (IN2C180)
  • Inspire 2 Battery Charger (ADE018)
  • Inspire 1 Battery Charger (A14-100P1A)
  • Inspire 1 Battery Charger (ADE018)
  • Phantom 4 Series Battery Charger (PH4C100)
  • Phantom 4 Series 160W Battery Charger (PH4C160) [not on DJIs WCH2 Charging Hub list but on some retailers lists of compatible chargers]
  • Phantom 3 Professional Battery Charger (ADE019)
  • Phantom 3 57W Battery Charger (A14-057N1A) ***
  • Osmo 57W Battery Charger (A14-057N1A) ***
*** The 57 W battery charger does not supply enough power to charge batteries and other devices connected to the USB port simultaneously. DO NOT use the USB port to charge another device when charging batteries.

Car/DC chargers
  • Inspire 2 Car Charger (C6S90-2)
  • Inspire 1 Car Charger (C6S90)
  • Phantom 4 Car Charger (C6S90)
  • Phantom 3 Car Charger (C4S90)
I'm answering this question myself.

First I bought the PH4C100 (white) and when I put it on my kitchen scale it showed 410 g/14.5 ounce. This is without power cord. It was way more bulky and heavy than I would have thought and not something I imagine myself bringing with my when traveling.

I figured one of lower rated (watts) ones would be lighter and I bought a A14-057N1A (black). It weights 200 g/7.05 ounce (also without power cord) which is acceptable.

Comparison picture:
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