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some guy doing an FCC hack permanent for RC pro Controller

Guys I have the DJI RC with the latest firmware version and I have never done the Mood. Is there any news? Is he working on it? Or do I rely on drone tweaks?
Hi, I have a question: RC2 V02.00.0000. After changing to FCC can I safely update soft to the latest without losing FCC ?
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Somebody say its more safe to update via DJI Assistent II on Windows.
I was among the first to use this patch that just came out. I have always performed the update from the remote control. I also installed an Android launcher and other apps from the beginning. When I turn on the remote control, the DJIfly app doesn't start automatically, but rather the launcher itself. This is also why my device is "adb trusted"....and does not require the installation of the fcc mod every time before running the software update.
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very simple: you buy this app "ADB AppControl", search on the internet for a launcher of your choice (the one that works best is from Samsung, S9 or even S10) . Only 32 bit apps of course. i installed some other app too, like firefox...
is "djifcc.exe" version: Jan 10 2024 02:18:41
the latest, if not where we can get it now? thanks
Hello, I have a DJI RC 1 with firmware 01.03.1400. Is there any way to perform an FCC hack, maybe by downgrading the remote or using other solutions?
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