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Someone please help me out


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Feb 5, 2024
Will someone with a lil more experience with dji drones than me please help me out n give ur opinion on whether not the gimball is broken on the drone advertised on the following link. DJI Mini 2–Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter, 3-Axis Gimbal 4K .. Grade A 649661566052 | eBay

It seems like a good deal and is advertised as in grade a condition but is also rather vague i feel like and wont respond when i message them. It sure looks funny in the pics but then again I can't really tell if it's messed up or not.
I agree with @stikflote about no response to emails, but I don’t understand why you think the gimbal may be damaged. The aircraft is not powered up in any of the photos so the gimbal can be tilted most any direction within its hard stop limits.

The seller has decent feedback at 97%. Lookup their reviews to see what other buyers have to say about the seller.
My min i2 camera does odd angles like the one in the photo. And it sometimes sticks. I get an error message saying the gimbal is stuck. Easy enough to loosen, and not a major problem.

You have Ebay helping you here, they won't release your money to the seller until you are satisfied, or have not raised a flag...
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Will someone with a lil more experience with dji drones than me please help me out n give ur opinion on whether not the gimball is broken on the drone advertised on the following link
That link shows the seller has "more than 10 available", so there's a pretty slim chance you'd receive the drone in the photo. And if you did, the gimbal looks okay to me as it's able to tilt in all different directions when the drone is powered off.
I can see why you are concerned about the gimbal.
It's not a particularily good photo to use but I have just had a play with my Mavic Mini ( effectively the same drone ) and it looks as if it would be possible to put the gimbal cover on with the gimbal yawed like that, it looks to be at maximum yaw.

That said I DID NOT click the gimbal cover fully home.
My concern with the photographed drone is that if the drone has been stored like that for a long period the positioning of the gimbal might lead to the gmbal damper rubbers being permanently stretched which, in my opinion, would not be a good thing.
With regards to the seller not responding, that is not encouraging but they may not have logged into ebay since placing the advert.

However, the main reason for my post is to say, the seller is selling this drone in the USED condition category and ebay define that category as
"Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections."

In the UK that means that if it DOES NOT work as DJI intended it to work then the buyer is entitled to open a "Not as described" case against the seller and the likely outcome of that is that the buyer is entitled to a FULL refund including the original carriage charge to them.
If the seller wants the item back then the seller must send the buyer a prepaid postage label that MUST include carriage via a trackable method.
I.e the seller ends up out of pocket.

Any provisos placed in the advert, such as "returns not accepted" are inapplicable to a "Not as described " return.

Once the buyer has started a "not as described" case BOTH parties MUST comply with the timescales that ebay set out.
ALL COMMUNICATION MUST be via ebay messages, i.e. NO phone calls and no external to ebay messaging, ebay staff will want to read the correspondance.

I returned something and the seller was being a 'pain', I contacted ebay and from memory ebay sent me the postage label and even changed the carrier when I said that the original was inconvenient for me as I was unlikely to hear the doorbell when a driver called to collect the item. The seller was then 'out' when delivery was attempted and the item was taken to the delivery company's depot. Ebay themselves then refunded me and presumably persued the seller for the refund and carriage costs.

I presume eBay USA operates under the same set of rules but it would be best to confirm that by asking them.

That said, I do not think I would bid on this lot.

That said 2) if any of the folks here that have read the advert have "watched" the advert, might I suggest that they unwatch it and perhaps bookmark the advert instead.
25 people have "watched" the advet in the last 24 hours and if they are not genuine potential customers they may give the seller reason to think that the advert is drawing a lot of customer interest and they might think that they can increase their 'accept offer' price.
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I’m thinking it’s not such a great price with only one battery. If it was me I’d be looking at a second hand one with the 3 batteries coz you are going to use them.

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