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South American drone reg’s?

In a couple of months I’ll me taking my Mini 3 Pro all around S. America. Anyone familiar w. drone reg’s there? Any advice greatly appreciated!!
I live in Costa Rica and the drone regs here seem to be pretty much the same as the US, although enforcement is another thing unless close to a commercial airport. Common sense prevails at the beaches and rural areas.

Enjoy your travels, some spectacular sights in SA.
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Greetings from Chile. Regulations here affect drones over 800 grams, so a mini 3 doesn’t have many restrictions, unless close to airports or heliports. Some (national) parks don’t allow any as you may disturb nature. In general, in or near cities, the feeling is that drones invade privacy so you might have people approaching to bother you. Suggestion is try to fly in places where you won’t be annoyed or you won’t annoy others. There are thousand places with wonderful spots where drones will give you outstanding photography.
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