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Stutter every half second 4K 60 frames


Jul 2, 2022
Iv noticed when playing back 4K 60 frames video in windows media player (windows 10 OS) I’m getting a stutter every half second. This happens in straight level flight or slow panning movement. Iv tried using ND filter and shutter speed 1/120 speed to match, but makes no difference to smoothness. I’m guessing something else is going on? The videos play smooth on the RC screen. Also makes no difference if a play the file on the second card itself or from my ssd on pc. My pc has i7 cpu with nvidia 3080ti graphics card. The pc is connected to my LG oled 55 inch TV running 120hz. I did change desktop settings to 60hz to see if made and difference but did not. 4k 30 and 25 frames are great no stuttering. Also tried playing the files on VCL media player but that seems to play 30 and 60 frame video at a slower frame rate? My file format is MP4 using H.265.
Any help would be appreciated.
Windows media player does a poor job playing 4K 30 fps video on a not-so-fast computer. Movies & TV does a better job. I can't play 4k on my older Toshiba laptop but Movies & TV works. VLC also will not play 4k 30 fps on my laptop, VLC will show subtitles. 4K needs to be seriously compressed to play on Windows Media and VLC on my laptop.
I suspect that Movies & TV will also do better with 4K 60fps.
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Do you see this when imported to Resolve? I haven’t tried to play 4K 60fps in VLC but it runs smoothly for me with an i9 and the same 3080 from an external SSD.
Sounds like your hardware is too slow. Try .H264, it needs less CPU power.
I have a core i9 laptop and fast video card with plenty of ram on board, vlc is always yerky with play back for 4k files on any of my performance laptops, other playback apps work fine silky smooth, VLC is trash now IMO, have tried many articles to improve with pretty much no improvement.
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