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Tough time with NLD 1.6 or 1.7 and other stuff

To old to remember

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Jun 2, 2018
Solicitation for help and knowledge.
This is a grand quadcopter but I've got a couple things going against me from the get go. New to the Mavic Pro and chronologically old.

I have asked the NLD Support team for help and so far we haven't faired to well. They are doing what they can with what they have to work with (me). I figured by coming to the forum I would ease the pressure on the support team and have more minds working on the problem.

I run Win7 64bit and when loading NLD 1.7 (using Admin rights)and Assistant also using Admin rights, I get some strange results (Firmware 01.04.0100). BTW, I shutdown ALL Ransonware, Virus software and firewall programs that are running. Also make sure I start with a fresh cache, emptied of any garbage.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get NLD to work but eventually it comes up and slowly reads all the needed info. The Flight Controller section adjusts and most times does a very quick write to the bird with a dialog of WRITE WAS SUCCESSFUL. Sometimes it grinds away and never writes.

The Remove NFZ section (screen capture attached) will not scroll so I can see what is offered at the bottom in order to click yea or Nay.

Have been unable to find DJI GO4 but Support gave the following instructions to find it. That didn't go well either. Support instructions,"Follow the link in our Guide->APK Patcher and choose DJI Go 4.1.3 link then click on the blue square with the white "DOWNLOAD APK" text". Attached is that page screen shot and low and behold NO BLUE SQUARE with white DOWNLOAD APK text.

The CHECK BOXES along the right side of NLD are ALL grayed out except the top one, which is DISABLE ALTITUDE limit.

The Lock/Unlock at the bottom of the page, when clicked grinds away saying "Searching for DJI device on available COM ports" it just never recovers from that. My assumption is that since the bird has already had a controller change written to it that it must be on a port that is active. Doesn't seem to be the case.

I hope I have included the necessary screen shots and information needed for any help from the forum. If not, please let me know what else I can add.

Hope I didn't overwhelm with to many problems.
To old to remember.


  • Available ports.JPG
    Available ports.JPG
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  • Can't read entire page.JPG
    Can't read entire page.JPG
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  • APK Patcher.JPG
    APK Patcher.JPG
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WOW! Lot a tire kickers but no takers. Guess I'll have to stay with NLD support in hopes of sometime being able to change the firmware in order to fly like intended.
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WOW! Lot a tire kickers but no takers. Guess I'll have to stay with NLD support in hopes of sometime being able to change the firmware in order to fly like intended.

I've got the same problems. No way to downgrade the fw with com error. Tryed to contact support and they claim thats a windows fault, but i have payed a key for a program that don't work. Very disapponted. Don't waste you money
I take it that NLD is some kind of bought software that can make modifications to the software that controls your Mavic?
Try starting up DJI assistant on your pc without connecting the drone. Once running you should connect the Mavic using usb. It should load some drivers and then appear in assistant. Not having NLD I don’t know what they want you to do next but I’d probably stop assistant,(you don’t want 2 processes looking at the same port) then start up NLD.
By the way there isn’t a version of GO4 that runs on pc. You are probably just downloading it to give your android device a source to load an older modified version from.
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