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What is the difference between a part 107 registration, and a certificate.

Seth P

Well-Known Member
Mar 30, 2018
I am currently a part 107 registered pilot, and I make YouTube videos, but I don't make money. I was wondering if I need to have a certificate. I do plan to make money in the somewhat distant future, so I would also like to know how to get certified.
The wording of your post suggests that you registered 107 without taking the 107 exam. If you registered under part 107 without taking a written exam and obtaining your UAV certification then you are not a certified part 107 pilot. Perhaps you mistakenly registered 107 instead of 336 like many people seem to do. After passing the 107 exam you will be sent a driver license sized card stating that you are a certified UAV pilot. The process is detailed on the FAA website.
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