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Why are drones not offered in more visible colours?

Here are some pics. I have strobe on at least 1 ft 1 bk arms and 1 bottom so it can be seen


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but put firehouse strobes (6) when all needed and that takes me to about 1600-1800ft at 200ft alt. I can look down at controller and back up and see the strobe first then color and I am 60
If you've got front facing strobes, do you see the flashes on videos?
I have a DJI mini4 pro and I often lose VLOS simply by looking briefly at the controller. And it got me wondering why they don’t make drones in more visible colours like red for example? I think i could locate it better then.
What if i hand painted it? Is that an option? Would the weight of the paint put me over 250g?
Any thoughts?
I had the original Mavic Air which was bright red. Frankly, once it gets in the air, I could not tell the color. I think you really needs to watch that drone like a hawk, and strobes would be very helpful.

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I got these mounts thru for the future strobes for the mavic 2 pro. They are great. Feel fine flying over 600ft dst. And over 200ft ht. 3rd. Well worth it


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I did chuckle when I had a look at some of the sites selling skins to see they do camouflage versions!
Chap I knew who was in the navy was rather critical of the new sea-pattern camouflage working uniforms when he was issued one. Just the thing to be wearing when you need to hide among the waves!
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