Why no details from DJI?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by AgentBB007, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Anyone know why DJI is so tight lipped about where the Mavic's are at? Is it for competitive reasons against GoPro? Maybe they don't want to tip them off as to when the Mavic's will actually start shipping? That's the only reason I can come up with.

    I mean I can track my BMW step by step as it is built from the factory then follow it all across the ocean on the boat straight to my dealer. Why can't DJI at least tell us sorry guys the boat was slow it's due to dock on Oct 25. Some details would be great, not sorry we've had huge demand baloney.
    The huge demand excuse makes no sense, lets say they had 10 million pre-orders and only expected 500k, shouldn't the first 500k have shipped already? TELL US WHERE THE MAVICS ARE AT. A google GPS coord would be great, and I hope it isn't here.
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    I would guess it's somewhere along the same line as the airlines..... Even though an airline knows darn well that your plane is going to be delayed three hours, they always lie and spoon-feed you little delays that still end up adding to the original three hours -- because it keeps everyone from swarming the gate agent demanding to be re-booked and telling them "I'll never fly your airline again!!!!" (like they care). I'm guessing we're kind of having the same thing here.... no other reason for the obvious deception..... likely DJI wants to avoid a bunch of cancellations (regardless of how silly cancelling would be) by not saying anything and just leave people hanging
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