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With FAA authorization to fly, then DJI requires "documentation" to unlock


Dec 17, 2016
In a blue "authorization zone" (class B airspace) the drone may report NFZ and refuse to spin up the rotors. In some locations, I have been able to unlock the drone by checking a few boxes stating I am authorized ... but in other locations (like Boston MA) that option is not presented. Then the only option to unlock the drone is to submit documentation (via the DJI web site) to prove I am authorized to fly here.

My authorization is a LAANC text message from the FAA "... for flight with confirmation number XYZ123456789"
I presume that number has no meaning to DJI.

1) Has anyone successfully unlocked a drone by submitting a LAANC text message to DJI ?
2) If DJI does unlock, does that unlock the entirety of the zone? (Because that's a vast area and not what I'm asking for.)

(I am flying a Mavic 2 Pro, but I expect this issue is the same for all DJI drones.)
If you have AirMap, you can generate a PDF document to show that you are authorized to fly.
  1. Go to Flights.
  2. Find the flight you are looking to fly in.
  3. Tap "View Flight Briefing".
  4. In the "Authorization and Validation" section, tap on the arrow to download the PDF.
In those areas, you should probably do this 24 hours in advance of your operations. I like to do this one week in advance of operations.
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I have attached the text message to all of my DJI submittals, never a pdf. I take a screen shot and submit it. It has worked every time. I always go through LAANC first, then DJI GO.
Blue authorization zones should be able to be self-unlocked. At least you could several months ago. You do need an internet connection though.
Despite NFZ displaying, attempt to start motors.
You'll then be prompted with unlock process, including sending a verification code to the mobile number you provide.
Blue authorization zones should be able to be self-unlocked.

Although I have used self-unlock multiple times ... everytime I have tried flying in authorization zone within Boston (near Logan Int'l Airport) during the past 7 months, DJI Go has stated "NFZ" and has not presented self-unlock an option. Yet, the location is Not in a no-fly zone according to DJI fly-safe map nor the FAA UAS facility map. This has not always been true; something surely did change.

A few weeks ago, I did successfully fly in Boston in an authorization zone ... after having submitted the PDF to DJI.
Although, somewhat annoying when using Chrome browser on my smart phone, the DJI fly safe web site told me that the mobile version of the site cannot be used to for unlocking request; have to use the non-mobile/desktop web site.
Chrome can go into desktop mode.

But to start the unlock process in a blue authorization zone showing as NFZ in RC, just attempt to start the motors with CSC. You'll then get prompted through the process.
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