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  1. Jungle Media

    Unable to unlock near airport

    I had a shoot today at an uncontrolled airport with Class E airspace at 1200 ft. Before the flight I logged into the Air Control Ap on my phone to request a clearance. The AP told me it couldn't supply an authorization because none was needed... uncontrolled airspace. So, I showed up for the...
  2. robotarmy

    Self-Unlocking "so-called" at

    Regarding "Click on a pin to select the location:" It doesn't work! I click on the pin and nothing happens! Regarding "Input your flight controller serial #: I get a red error message saying "The serial number must be in alphanumeric characters only," when it is alphanumeric characters and I...
  3. K

    With FAA authorization to fly, then DJI requires "documentation" to unlock

    In a blue "authorization zone" (class B airspace) the drone may report NFZ and refuse to spin up the rotors. In some locations, I have been able to unlock the drone by checking a few boxes stating I am authorized ... but in other locations (like Boston MA) that option is not presented. Then...
  4. brett8883

    Would you buy a DJI aircraft with height and GeoZone limits if you had a choice?

    There has been a lot of heated discussion on the forum recently about DJI’s GeoZone system and height limits and DJI actively markets these as features of their aircraft. I wonder how many people would choose to purchase a “locked” aircraft if they had a choice? I wonder how many people would...
  5. C

    Unlocking Auth Geo Zone : Proposed date not working

    I’ve been attempting to unlock an authorized zone via the DJI/fly-safe website for a future date (one week away). The license is issued successfully and I am able to sync up the licensing via the DJI go app however the “validating date” shows today’s date through tomorrow’s date. What am I doing...
  6. Skyler King III

    How to unlock no fly zone in USA Mavic 2 Pro

    I needed to shoot in Corona NY, 1.8 miles SSE of LGA. I called LGA Tower Cab and Supervisor "OK'd" the fli,ght. Called NYPD and notified them, no problem there. I was trying to use my Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller. It would not let me even start engines. Eventually I had to hook up to...
  7. Joymaker

    Stuck at Safety Notification

    I try to fly (very low altitude) near our local airport and I get the message as viewed in the image below. It seems like it says I can bear responsibility and unlock. But when I press "yes" and even hold it, nothing happens. On one other occasion, no longer reproducible, every time I clicked...
  8. Joymaker

    Unlocking the full potential

    In the FAQ for the Mavic air on DJI's site, I saw that the maximum operating elevation above takeoff is 5000 feet. But the DJI Go 4 app sets the limit at 500m, or ~1600 feet. Is there some way to get past that to go higher? Because I live in a mountainous area, and this summer I hope to go...
  9. T

    Mavic Geo unLock

    Hi - I live near an aiport and will allways have to apply the Geo Unclock so I can fly. I find it generally never works for the verification. It will never recongise my credit card, and when usng the mobile unlock, I get as far as receiving the token to my phone, but when I type in the token to...
  10. G

    FW 700 Aircraft Locked. Help!!!

    Hi pilots, I got a Mavic half month ago and just flew for twice. And now DJI locked my drone just because I didn't upgrade to 900 firmware. I can't believe they did this, INCREDIBLE!!! I will never upgrade because: 1) I don't want to be controlled. 2) 700 firmware is good enough for me I think...