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  1. K

    With FAA authorization to fly, then DJI requires "documentation" to unlock

    In a blue "authorization zone" (class B airspace) the drone may report NFZ and refuse to spin up the rotors. In some locations, I have been able to unlock the drone by checking a few boxes stating I am authorized ... but in other locations (like Boston MA) that option is not presented. Then...
  2. DJ Wes

    What documentation do you carry with you when flying?

    I am a recreational flier in the USA. I try to fly without bringing attention to myself so I usually avoid people if I can and try to fly where there are no people. When I have been approached, I have had some positive interactions and some less than positive. One of the positive interactions...
  3. M

    No LAANC in My Area and FAA is Struggling To Keep Approvals Below 45 Days

    Are there any other options for Part 107 pilots to get class D airspace approval when there is no local LAANC available and DoneZone waivers are at 45 days or more due to high volume recreational flyers?
  4. theDRONEranger

    LAANC (vs - and) DJI UNLOCK

    USA - Since LAANC approval is required within the Classed airspace, is there a true valid reason for keeping the DJI Unlock? Is it not considered to be redundant by requiring both? Given, there are particular areas that are strictly off limits, i.e., NPS, DC area, stadiums (during game), etc...
  5. N

    Is AirMap/LAANC not working for anyone else?

    I've been trying to submit a LAANC Authorization request as part of a flight plan I'm trying to submit for some Class B airspace. However, AirMap doesn't seem to be properly loading most LAANC-related information -- or at least is doing it so slowly that all of my requests are timing out...
  6. brett8883

    Controlled Airspace altitude limit and structures

    When you have a LAANC authorization with an altitude limit of less than 400 ft AGL in controlled airspace is that limit strictly from the ground or does that include within xxx feet from a structure as well? We know that the 400’ AGL general height limit is no higher than 400’ from ground but...
  7. J

    LAANC with a temporary Part 107 drone license

    Using the LAANC system requires you to input your drone license ID number. Is there a way I use the LAANC system with my temporary approval or do I need to wait the month or two until I get my permanent card?
  8. J

    LAANC and Mapquest

    Should I receive a text message/token from Mapquest confirming authorization to fly in location where a LAANC exception is available? I’m registered with AirMap and I’m flying under Part 107 rules. The location in question is in class B airspace, but when I click on the initial red restriction...
  9. B

    I need some clarification on LAANC and flying as a hobbyist.

    So, I want to fly my drone near me house but I am just inside the five mile radius of an airport. I found out I have to “notify” the airport to be able to fly legally without a part 107 license. I found out about LAANC and really liked the idea of not having to call every time I fly. I tried...
  10. M

    Anyone on here have inside info on LAANC airport roll-out info?

    I'm trying to figure out when US territories will be fully integrated and operational. I want to use LAANC in Guam. Using AirMap I can see all the grids, rules, etc concerning LAANC. When I submit a recreational notification it tells me I may be violating the rule about notifying the airport...