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Woodlands Mavic Video


Feb 2, 2017
My first YouTube video shot with the Mavic pro, had a bit of trouble with the active follow mode on the field and in high winds, woods shoots were tight with all the branches so used tripod mode.

Hope you enjoy.

Very nice production, including your music selection and editing. Judicious use of the Mavic, too, in capturing the shots you managed to get without trashing it in the process. That had to be tough. Thumbs way up!
Cheers, yeah took a lot of viewing and planning of flight paths in a few places due to the amount of branches and twigs. Got through it luckily. Have a few more shots planned in the coming weeks if the weather plays nice. If it works out I plan on doing an edit without the bike.

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Beautiful. Did you use any post-processing, or just edited it? What program do you use? I am getting my Mavic next Tuesday, if FedEx is to be believed.

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Yes I pumped up the colours with a bit Saturated and vibrancy settings, and adjusted the brightness, dark areas, contrast slightly. The untouched footage was with Mavic in the NONE colour mode and looked pretty close to what I wanted so only a small amount of adjustment was needed.

I used Powerdirector 15 Ultimate for the editing.
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Lovely. I'm planning a trip to the Pembrokeshire coastal path this Spring - Wales is a fantastic location for photographers. Waiting for my 'bird scarer' decals room America as nervous about coastal birds! But tons of waterfalls / sweeping beaches. Tripod mode will get used a lot! Will also fit ND filters to get a flowing look to the water.

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