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Recent content by Boni59

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    DJI getting out of the consumer drone business?

    Absolutely “ FAKE NEWS “
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    Pro platinum flipping on its own then crashing

    It will 100 percent flip when the props were not correctly installeds. To be sure, do not use the AUTOMATIC TAKEOFF ... use manual method and let the props swirl for few seconds and observe and checks the balance of the drone. It will flip and fly out of control when the Drone is not balance...
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    Taking drone on vacation for first time.

    Cruise ship don’t allow carrying drone inside the cruise ships base on my experience.
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    Love your drone? Get a tracking device!

    For me, I use “ Loc8tor “, I am happy with it.
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    Are they still manufacturing mavic pro?

    For me, still the best is ... the Mavic Pro platinum.
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    Big price

    The New Remote Controler doesn’t fit my “ Mavic Pro Platinum “ and its very EXPENSIVE.
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    no fly zones

    My suggestions is....... use Airmap, this will help you for NFZ.
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    Airline Travel with Mavic Pro

    Hello, I am living here in Zürich, Switzerland, as long as you follows rules here I think you no worries. PLEASE TAKE IT AS YOUR HAND CARRY BAG. WELCOME TO THE LAND OF CHEESE AND CHOCOLATES.
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    Glare from Sun causing Obstacle avoidance

    Use ND Filter when your flying against the sun.