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Recent content by eek

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    DJI Mavic Air "becomes" AH64

    I had the same idea to make a clip like yours last year, but didn't find a good overlay. Can you share where you got yours? Very nice editing..
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    Mavic 2 stunts & flips???

    It was definitely possible with Mavic 1. There was a setting to change that put mavic in manual/acro mode via DJI assistant. Probably possible for mavic 2 too, but you would need to remove gimbal, as flips could damage it. And flying without camera would be more difficult, so probably not worth...
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    Can I run Litchi and DJI Go4 on same iPad?

    Been using both for 2 years no problem. I dont ever shut them down either, just leave running both in the background during flight and switch between them constantly. Havent had a single issue. MP with ipad air.
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    Stupid: Backed over M2Z with my car.

    Looks like the drone had driver failure. Try updating.
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    Gimbal acted weird

    yes, restart in air. Its no problem, just configure what happens with drone when rc signal is lost so you dont get surprised.
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    mavic controller issue -- PLEASE HELP!!

    You know that controller has 2 ports right? Try connecting your phone to USB port to see if it’s really the side port that’s the problem
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    Mavic 2 buyers poll. Which one did you get?

    Pro is much better. The zoom is just a gimmick feature. You will get bored of it after a couple of videos. Also, you cant make all video with zooming clips. And if you need dolly zoom effect for a clip or two, you can make it yourself in post. MP 2 camera though will serve you all the time.
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    User Preprogramed flight path

    You can use Litchi’s orbit. it allows to set camera angle and drone can face outwards of circle. Just read the modes documentation and google....
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    New pilot - Disappointed

    Just fly the drone and dont get caught..
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    Gimbal acted weird

    Had exactly the same happen to me a week ago. If I remember correctly the drone was also unresponsive to inputs until I restarted the controller.
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    Can I do this

    You can downgrade mavic’s firmware to some earlier version and with dji assistant override the 500m height limit. I personally have set it to 2500m. So you can climb the hill manually that way. Litchi’s waypoint missions still limit you to 500m, which is a shame.. Maybe some other app does not...
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    Gimbal side shaking

    Just be sure to recalibrate everything - compass, IMU, controller and gimbal. I downgraded firmware two weeks ago to increase mavic altitude limit to 2500 meters and the gimbal was really sensitive to changes of speed until I recalibrated everything. Later, I updated firmware to newest and...
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    Gimbal side shaking

    My mavic behaves exactly the same: gimbal shakes when stopping/changing direction, and also horizon tilts like in your video. Try calibrating IMU, it helped a little for me. But I think our mavics were in a defected batch of production:/
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    Johnny FPV - check this guy out

    ****, his racing drone videos are more stable than mine with mavic’s gimbal.. Image quality is also better lol..
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    Is it worth buying the Air as secondairy drone if you already own a MPP?

    just get a racing drone. You will get bored of Mavic fpv in a day..