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Recent content by junda

  1. J

    Drone Gun

    Discuss. DroneGun Tactical is a portable (but still illegal) drone scrambler
  2. J

    When will Pro get new Air modes?

    By "Air Modes" I must assume you mean the new quick shots? I don't think lack of rear-facing sensors would be a constraint to introduce these modes to MP. I say this because the existing quick shots (e.g. dronie, helix, etc.) turn off obstacle avoidance sensors. Or did you mean something...
  3. J

    Will 2018 see the DJI MAVIC PRO II?

    MP2 with 360 camera. Just wait.....
  4. J

    Video clip from the Maldives and Sri Lanka

    Hi - really cool video! What video editing software do you use? I really like some of the effects. I've been using iMovie, a bit simple.
  5. J

    Sri Lanka for Christmas

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. J

    Free Mavic Pro - What to do?? Need Advice.

    If it's a small local retailer, the loss will impact them in a big way. You should return it. And now that you are aware of the mistake, keeping it is the same as stealing.
  7. J

    "Shipping" a Mavic to Nepal

    Hmm, I didn't know that about Emirates, seems unique to that airline. If I had to pick one, I'd opt to check it in the baggage instead of using the mail. Or have you considered choosing a big shipper like fedex and having it insured? However, that might be super expensive....
  8. J

    "Shipping" a Mavic to Nepal

    Get your friend to bring it on the plane, in her cabin luggage. You can't check it in with the batteries. Also, you have no recourse if something is taken from your checked bag, it's the the conditions of carriage that you should not pack anything of value.
  9. J

    Sea and mountains Bali

    I've only uploaded 1 video so far on youtube also. I noticed that when I uploaded mine.... immediately the content looked very bad, blurry. Waited five minutes, and the full resolution video looked like it should. Don't know the reason why.
  10. J

    Sea and mountains Bali

    The quality looks pretty sharp when I view it.... viewing in 1080p
  11. J

    Timelapse/hyperlapse during city rush hour

    What software are you using for editing, and at what rate are you using to speed it up? I've only made one video so far using iMovie, and it can only x2 the speed -- nowhere near that fast....
  12. J

    Timelapse/hyperlapse during city rush hour

    Excellent video and music choice! How did you create the timelapse?
  13. J

    My first real attempt at editing for YouTube

    I like the music choice.
  14. J

    RTH - trying to land in water....

    Hey just curious - why would landing assistance cause it to try to descend instead of going back to the recorded home point (presumably back on the beach)?
  15. J

    White dots on Mavic controller screen

    No, I took the plastic off on day 1.