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Recent content by MGS9500

  1. MGS9500

    Ultrasonic Sensor Error & Joystick Mode

    I will confirm that the ultrasonic error is from the floats. This is a known problem with all of the "add on" landing or support gear. I have a device that interfered. I ended up trimming away all plastic near the sensor. The sensor is very sensitive to any plastic or part that extends into...
  2. MGS9500

    Looking for recommendations for portable external storage

    Curious you asking a drone site for a external storage device. You might be better served on a computer tech site. From my research, the SSD drives are the preferred "new" but expensive option. Portable and no mechanical parts to fail. SSD has some issues with constant rewrites, but within...
  3. MGS9500

    DJI Goggles Corrective Lens

    They fit right over the existing lens. There is a little area around the lens for a small friction fit edge. The fit is perfect. You can't muck it up. It's like putting in the battery, there is only one way to do it.
  4. MGS9500

    Question(s) about warnings

    Here's the simple solution. Re calibrate your compass. Make certain you are not near the TV, the computer, the microwave, the refrigerator...etc. The calibration is sensitive to any magnetic interference and you may have done it near a magnetic source that caused a problem. Go outside. Safer...
  5. MGS9500

    Dji goggles.....big disappointment

    What needs to be once again mentioned is that the DJI are true 1080P HD resolution The EPSON is 720P. Not a big difference, but if you are going to watch a stream that is sent at 1080P, only the DJI will give that resolution.
  6. MGS9500

    Killer deal on a Spark!!!

    On DJI site, $399., new in box with remote. Prices are coming down. Sounds like a nice purchase. Portable and fun. Spark (Meadow Green) USD $399
  7. MGS9500

    DJI Goggles

    I agree with Mayflyer, Mine aren't so bright that I have the brightness turned down, but at Max brightness they are plenty bright. I find that I can see everything clearly even in the brightest day. I have mine at max, like I noted, but I find that level perfect. You might want to consider...
  8. MGS9500

    DJI Select Misleading

    I don't want to get into a semantic fight, but no where on the DJI site does it state that the discount can be applied to the first purchase. When buying many products from multiple vendors, a discount coupon is given "after the purchase", to be used for future purchases. DJI states that...
  9. MGS9500

    $4,500 U.S. Dollars Later

    reply to anom 3 I am going to preface this with a comment that I have many concerns about DJI customer service. For those of us who have been using their products for several years, there is an appreciable improvement. Emails get answered in less than one day. The customer service lines are...
  10. MGS9500

    Video playback help

    More information. First, what is the sd card, quality and speed and size. Two, what format did you use. Many issues ares solved by a reformat using the goggles reformat. Goggles live in Android and Apple doesn't. Apple like Fat 32. Check what format was used.
  11. MGS9500

    I ordered this landing gear

    Those certainly look impressive. What I don't like about the silicone extenders that go on the landing gear, and I have some, is that they make the front landing leg longer. I cracked the leg where it inserts on the body. I am not entirely convinced it's not due to the leg having the extension...
  12. MGS9500

    $4,500 U.S. Dollars Later

    A few thoughts: 1.) If the drone is needed faster in a repair, you can pay for upgraded shipping and not use the DJI label. You will have to pay for the 2nd day at the local FedEx or UPS. 2.) I would be hesitant to "break open" the drone and check the ribbon and do a repair. It is...
  13. MGS9500

    $4,500 U.S. Dollars Later

    Interesting post. My experience: DJI Goggles; 4 Stars. Very nice, high resolution. I wish they had a "firmware" update to allow for VR, but otherwise good. They need a better head support. I added a rear support, and some have added weights to the back to balance the front weight imbalance...
  14. MGS9500

    Repaired MPP?

    Nice pomeranians in your Avatar!
  15. MGS9500

    Repaired MPP?

    I've sent several different drones through the system. The R probably refers to "refurbished." If you buy one on the DJI drones at the DJI site, they have some great deals, many refurbished. In my experience, the refurbished drones fly and function like new. DJI finds its easier and faster...