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Recent content by Shedi

  1. Shedi

    What Does GPS Mode Really Mean?

    Thanks Robert. I have got into the habit of hearing that message as the Mavic climbs away. I am not sure if that message is broadcast via the RC handset or my phone, which may have been set to low volume?
  2. Shedi

    What Does GPS Mode Really Mean?

    As stated, not on this occasion. Seeing GPS Mode made me think that it was safe to go.
  3. Shedi

    What Does GPS Mode Really Mean?

    Give me a day or two as I am very busy this weekend. Cheers
  4. Shedi

    What Does GPS Mode Really Mean?

    Recently I had a scare flying my Mavic Pro. I took it to the village of Kakkopetia in the Trodos Mountains in Cyprus. Once my RC display showed I was in GPS Mode I took off, then flew around the village for about 12 minutes. Normally I will fly back to the landing manually, but in this case the...
  5. Shedi

    Sitting and flying

    I spent 17,000 hours sitting whilst flying, so that no longer appeals to me lol! As I seldom use the RTH feature, being able to jump out of the way should I screw up the descent and landing appeals more than sitting down. Also I like to always face the direction the drone has flown to so that...
  6. Shedi

    App not connecting to my drone

    Hello Michel, I have had similar experiences with my UMI-Z phone. BUT my Galaxy S6 works perfectly every time. After much heartache with the Umi, I finally resolved the issue by doing a factory reset on this phone. Now it too works every time. Incidentally, the UMI has a history of not always...
  7. Shedi

    MAVIC ISSUES, This time with Tom Tech Time

    This week I went with Tom Tech Time on Off Road Trip to the dessert in Israel. Interesting. I have just completed a sailing trip to Israel but did not take my Mavic as I read on the Net that you need to obtain a licence and must have insurance. That said, the first evening I came across two...
  8. Shedi

    Firmware : v01.04.0100

    Like you I often forgot to remove the cover till someone suggested tying a piece of ribbon to it. There is then no way you can launch with the ribbon dangling. An easy solution. Some say you should fly with the cover on, but I totally disagree. Without it the picture quality is much better and...
  9. Shedi

    Beware of knock off ND filters..

    Interesting. I just bought a Sunnylife ND8 for my MP but have yet to fit it without getting the Gimbal Overload warning. This surprises me as the filter does not seem to be heavy and I would have thought that air loads on the gimbal in flight would have a greater effect than the weight of the...
  10. Shedi


    Thanks Stan
  11. Shedi


    Stan, Can you switch off the head tilt steering and simply use the joysticks as normal? I can envisage unwanted turns occurring if you cannot. I am interested in using goggles as in the bright sunlight we have here in Cyprus, it is often difficult to see my Umi-Z mobile screen that clearly. I...
  12. Shedi

    First Crash! (OMG my precious mavic turn into mavic kamikaze into moving traffic)

    Thanks for the advice. The Mavic is not so catch friendly as say a Phantom. A good glove is probably needed!
  13. Shedi

    Mavic Crash - Battery issues, refuses to land.

    A swollen battery is an indication that it is coming to the end of its life. But the life of your battery seems a bit short, as was the life of my Dell XPS 13 battery which swelled up so much it lifted the touch pad, keyboard and space bar after just 14 months of use. I would query it under...
  14. Shedi

    First Crash! (OMG my precious mavic turn into mavic kamikaze into moving traffic)

    Hmm. I think we can all learn from this incident. Aviation safety only improves by learning from other peoples mistakes. Like Jeremy, I too have found it all too easy to forget to remove the gimbal clamp. I put a sticker on the front top to remind myself, but I like the ribbon much better. You...