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Recent content by spwalker

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    (Warning) Avoid this low battery RTH mistake

    Yes, the guidance is always to leave the rc on until you turn the drone off, just in case something strange happens. This is an excellent demonstration of the wisdom of that recommendation
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    The Mavic Air isn't a neighborhood drone...

    Thanks for the correction. Very helpful [emoji5]
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    Flying the Mavic Air indoors ?

    AIUI, the Mavic Air has a better non-GPS visual positioning system than the Mavic Pro, so is actually better for indoor use. Care needed over plain, undifferentiated surfaces, and always best to use a prop guard, as others have recommended.
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    The Mavic Air isn't a neighborhood drone...

    AIUI, the wifi is only the connection from the mobile device to the RC. The RC communicates with the drone in the same way as the Mavic Pro.
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    Any new information about taking a drone to Ecuador, Peru, Chile?

    I haven't taken my trip yet. I've decided against taking a drone as I feel that's too high a likelihood of having problems at any one of the 5 border crossings on my itinerary. As far as Ecuador is concerned, there is a likelihood that you will have to pay some kind of import fee if (a) the...
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    Any new information about taking a drone to Ecuador, Peru, Chile?

    Hi, all. I have read, and am grateful to the authors for, several posts about taking drones into three South American countries, and have also referred to the useful-looking Drone Traveller site. And now I'm really confused and I wonder if anyone can give definitive information. For...
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    Line of Sight Friend or Foe?

    Many people have had their say in what VLOS means and I can't add to that. To address the other bit of your query, eyes on screen or craft, whenever possible, I take someone with me to keep an eye on the craft whilst I watch what's happening on the screen. A competent observer is an excellent...
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    New Compass Calibration Recommendations (from the v2.0 manual)

    THanks for that - both the alert to a new manual, the changed content and the rather excellent looking Draftable app :-)
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    How to monitor strength of surrounding radio signals

    Perfect - thanks :-)
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    How to monitor strength of surrounding radio signals

    Hi, all. I fly a Mavic Pro using DJI Go 4 and the DJI remote controller. Someone demonstrated to me, using DJI Go 4, once how to show the strengths of the various radio signals in the surrounding ether as a way of making sure that the levels of interference for the RC were low. I cannot for...
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    Best mobile (screen brightness)

    Hi, all. I have been flying a Mavic for a couple of months, and enjoying the experience. There's one thing I find frustrating and I hope this forum can help with advice and suggestions. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as my mobile connected to the RC. In bright sunshine, I find it difficult to...
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    NEWBE needing help.

    Massively helpful stuff there - nice work, Martin.
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    NEWBE needing help.

    Hi, asewest. Other people have said that you don't (yet) need to register. If I understand your problem with WiFi correctly, you will never fix this using WiFi only. Either your phone will talk to a router or it will talk to the Mavic - it can't do both simultaneously. If you want you phone...
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    Adjusting screen brightness

    Thank you - I have been looking for that! :-)
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    DJI Go4, Waypoints now fail to upload to aircraft (Mavic)...

    Yes, I've recently bought a Mavic and was out trying Waypoints today with DJI Go 4, and it was simply not working. I'm glad it's not just me, and I hope DJI will fix it soon. Though it appears that it's been extant over a month unfixed....