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    Mavic or Spark

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    Quick video flying close to powerlines

    Again, I didn't expect a lot of people to agree with me. A small tree limb falling on a power line can cause can short on a circuit. Just think about someone in the OR being operated on, or some old folks with oxygen machines to keep them alive, or business owners losing customers because...
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    Quick video flying close to powerlines

    As a photographer and videographer for a medium-size power company, I did not enjoy this video footage, or any videos of hobbyists flying too close to power lines. If you are licensed and hired as a high-voltage power line inspector, I would not have any issues with that. For hobbyists like...
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    What flight times are you guys/girls getting?

    20 mins or 25% battery life whichever comes first (just to be safe).
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    Non-commercial use for my company

    Can you tell me how long it took you to finish the course?
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    Non-commercial use for my company

    OK. I just want to make sure I doing the right thing. It is just a matter of convincing management to pay for my license, or else, they don't get drone clips. Thank you all.
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    Non-commercial use for my company

    My future drone clips will not "further a business" or making money. This is 100% for internal use to assess damages so we can send out crews, not thing commercial. Hope this clarifies my initial post.
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    Non-commercial use for my company

    Hello all, I am a corporate photographer for my company (electric utility). I've been using DSLRs and camcorders to capture everything from corporate events, meetings, training materials, especially during natural storms (wind, snow, ice, etc...) I understand that an FAA license is...
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    'Low noise' props??

    What about prop shadows with the new Plattinum props? I was thinking about getting these new props but now I am concerned about ghostly, horizontal lines and props shadows on video clips... More discussion here: You Might Want To Watch This Before Buying Platinum Pro Props
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    Got attacked by eagle.... scared the crap put of me!!

    I wonder if DJI or other drone manufacturers would come up with an ultrasonic wave or ping (as a firmware upgrade or an add on mod) device that can deter large birds from coming close to our precious bird...
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    Question about Costco Deal

    Not a bad deal. However, I don't often use the original bag because, like most of us drone pilots do, is to start adding accessories to the MP: extra batteries, iPad, antenna extenders, mods, etc. Pretty soon, you are gonna say to yourself: hmmm...that bag is getting tight and I need an...
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    After 3 months I finally took my first flight(s) with my Mavic Pro! Pics!

    Here you go. As you can see, I never flew too far from shore... At 2:02, you'll see me at the bottom right of screen (red swim trunk walking). Enjoy and feel free to upload any future vids.
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    It's here... Finally!!

    Welcome to the club. It is a pleasure flying these expensive toys. Just make sure to fly conservatively, safely, and always respect non-drone owners' privacy. Have fun!
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    After 3 months I finally took my first flight(s) with my Mavic Pro! Pics!

    Great picts! That tennis court is a like a nice private CopterPad to takeoff and land. I wanted to wait like you until I watched all the YT vids and read forums like this, but I had to bite the bullet and bring it to Cancun with me after only 4 days of owning it (Yikes!). I was very careful...