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  1. Watash48

    Amazon Drone Deliveries

    Greetings, Does anyone here believe that Amazon will be using drones to deliver door to door? Can you imagine the problem with air traffic control? I don't think so. They must be delivering between warehouses? even then I can't imagine. Someone, please help make sense of how they intend to...
  2. R

    getting mavic air?

    Hello. I'm actually from Saudi Arabia and I was wondering if I could get the magic air via Amazon? or would I face troubles and not get it shipped? also I was wondering if I would be facing troubles if I told someone to get it for me from the US would it be troublesome for the person in the...
  3. mrseancurran

    Landing Gear Raisers

    Any recommendation for a landing gear extender for the Mavic Air? I I know the antennas are in the landing gear so obviously mustn't interfere with those. I want to do some pebble beach take offs and landings without scraping the undercarriage of the Air. I see Amazon is selling PGYTech but...
  4. roflyer

    Meeting of The Waters - Amazon Rainforest - Brazil

    Mavic over the Meeting of the waters of the rivers Negro (black) and Solimões (brown). They don't mix each other over many miles. Filmed with my Mavic in the city of Manaus, AM - Brazil
  5. L

    The Spheres....

  6. Mr Tic tac

    What do you think about this?

    Hello everyone, I was searching for a waterproof case and I fond this on amazon. What do you think about this, is it good, worth for the price it is? If you don't think so, tell me which product should I buy and send me a link or a picture, I am searching for something cheap enough, thanks...
  7. Peel

    Amazon Patents In-flight Transformer Drones

    Per the Puget Sound Business Journal, Amazon.com has patented technology for drones with retractable in-flight wings. The e-commerce giant made its first commercial drone delivery last month in a 13-minute flight to drop a of shoebox-sized package containing popcorn and a Fire TV gadget...
  8. P

    Amazon ordered shipping

    I know a lot of you expressed concerns for ordering direct from Amazon.com (US). I placed my order on Oct 22nd. My account was billed and the order now says preparing for shipment. It still says "Arriving Feb 16 - Feb 17" so not entirely getting my hopes up. Just wanted to share a little info...
  9. MPPilot

    Best Buy bests Amazon

    I was a couple of days late when ordering my Mavic Pro from Amazon so of course my delivery date has been pushed back several times. A month later I placed an order with Best Buy. Three days ago Amazon notified me that my new availability date was late January. The Best Buy order continued to...